It’s All About the Location, Baby!

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Put your food cart business in a high-foot traffic area, so this won't happen to you.

For a business to boom, you need to be competitive in three areas, namely a) product pricing and  quality b) service and c) marketing. Fail in one and the business will flop.

Carefully choosing your location will take care half of your marketing.

Even if you’re selling water from the fountain of youth, you won’t be able to sell anything unless you are exposed to your target market.

Same goes for food cart franchising. You must put it in a high foot-traffic area, such as in or near bus and train stations, near schools and offices or in malls.

One client of mine earns around Php5,000.00 a day, because she put her business between a school and a market. Now that’s a smart woman.

Cheap doesn’t always mean better. There is a reason why malls spaces are very pricey. While researching, one crew I talked to in Ever Gotesco Commonwealth (which charges a whopping Php25,000.00 a month) said, “Ay sir, mahina na yung tatlong libo dito…”.  That’s “Three thousand pesos is low here…” for those who don’t speak Tagalog.

If you are not sure if your location is good enough, ask some professional help. Your agent will be happy to refer you to a professional location assistant.

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  1. dina monsanto says

    can you show me your different food cart design and also their prices? what if i ordered one can you deliver here in marinduque?

    • Tristan Laurence M says

      Hi good day sir mam,
      thank you for ur interest to open a franchise business with us,
      below are some of our franchise details.
      pls feel free to ask for my assistance with regards to ur business.

      sir tristan
      tritop foodcart venture co owner

      – ice scrumble
      – burger stop
      – siomai bites

      – boss sisig
      – whats shakin
      – buko factory
      – burp rice meal
      – mix n fries

      – kool ka lang (40k)
      – waffle delights (40k)

      -Pitastic pita (not combinable to other concept)

      2IN1 CART (40k) to (50k)
      3IN1 CART (50k) to (70k)

      (100k) (150k)


      ( 250k)

      attached are franchise details and business presentations
      pls contact us at 09156385699

  2. dennis says

    hi! ask ko lng po just incase i want to franchise 3 different food cart, is there any more discount? also i found a place/mall to put the business but still under construction, paano po b me please. thank you.just send your reply to my email add.


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