When talking to clients, God knows I LOVE questions. Nothing shouts interest more than a question, or two, or ten. But there is one particular question that I dislike addressing and that is, “What if I lose money?” and follow up questions about that topic.

So I will discus this one once and for all. When you lose money, it is your responsibility. Business is a risk, and losing money is one of the risks.

There… problem solved? *winks*

Seriously, though, I believe that you cannot expect profit while constantly thinking, loss. The world does not operate that way.

Have you ever seen a person who curses every day that their life is miserable and their life is indeed miserable? How about a person who sees life as something to look forward to and the events that happen to that particular person is so amazing, you just have to ask them how it happened? If yes, you are witnessing the law of attraction in action.

Like attracts the like. What you think, you receive. So if you are thinking loss, you will receive loss — that is 100% sure.

Here is what I recommend — focus on prosperity. Focus on the value you can provide for the people and the money will roll in. I promise.

Maybe you are thinking, “But Roth, we need to address the possibility of losses!” — yes we have to address that, but please, do not think about it too much. Let the franchisor company take care of that.

My friend, think profit.

Here is a video – please watch it. You will be blessed.