Ordinary Food Makes Extraordinary Income through Franchising

With the recent report from the Philippine Franchising Association stating that food franchise operating systems in the country reached almost 450% since 1995, you tend to think of the vast number of palatable products in the market considered by various franchisors. It is really a question of the diversity of these food products that determine their market performance.

Food franchising’s performance continue bloom in the past decade due to the fact that not just Filipinos, but everyone loves to eat. Introduction of new taste and flavour thrills the taste buds of the consumers. And this leads to the continued boost of food franchising.

Moreover, with over 500 franchise systems on the go, we can sub categorize them through the following:

%Franchising PhilippinesBakery and Food Store Franchise

They may be all bread and butter, but differ in brands. But nevertheless, each brand has its unique mechanism and baking style which separates it from the rest. Plus, the fact that bread has become a part of usual breakfast, engaging in one wouldn’t hurt.

Minimum Capital Estimate: 200,000 pesos

%Franchising Philippines
Purified Water Franchises

Water is a necessity, and the assurance of safe and clean water leads consumer to purchase purified water.

Minimum Capital Estimate: 20,000 pesos

%Franchising PhilippinesFast Food Chains and Restaurant Franchise.

Fast food literally means fast. Indeed, names of various fast food chains in the country are well-known among children, and people of all ages. These might require larger capital but it never goes out of style.

Minimum Capital Estimate: 250,000 pesos

%Franchising PhilippinesBar and Coffee Shop Franchise

Bars never went out of customers, especially franchising from a reputable one.it has always been a hit among young professionals and students who want good times and fun. Likewise, coffee has created a culture among individuals who are willing to pay much for their cup. Investment returns are easy and feasible in line with a reliable franchisor.

Minimum Capital Estimate: 250,000 pesos

%Franchising PhilippinesFood Stalls and Kiosks Franchise

This is specially designed for micro entrepreneurs who wished to engage in business. This is a transformation and an enhanced form of the popular street food favourite of the Filipinos. Accessibility and affordability are among its edge.

Minimum Capital Estimate: 30,000 pesos

Food franchising business is a good way to start capitalism in your own ground. Bringing home your savings in higher percentage through a reliable franchise company which ensures their franchisee a complete set of operational business plan is just the main point of franchising – partnership and innovation with regards to the basic commodity of the consumers.

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  1. mike says

    Please give me your cp number and office number. I would like to franchise takoyaki food cart business. Thanks…here’s my cp number too: 09054889632.

  2. mhalie alinabon says

    hi , im very interested to know more about kiosk franchice pls email me the details and is it really just 30 thousand? how about the place / mall where we goin to sell the food??im from cebu city , rsvp thanks

    • Tristan Laurence M says

      Hi good day sir mam,
      thank you for ur interest to open a franchise business with us,
      below are some of our franchise details.
      pls feel free to ask for my assistance with regards to ur business.

      sir tristan
      tritop foodcart venture co owner

      – ice scrumble
      – burger stop
      – siomai bites

      – boss sisig
      – whats shakin
      – buko factory
      – burp rice meal
      – mix n fries

      – kool ka lang (40k)
      – waffle delights (40k)

      -Pitastic pita (not combinable to other concept)

      2IN1 CART (40k) to (50k)
      3IN1 CART (50k) to (70k)

      (100k) (150k)


      ( 250k)

      attached are franchise details and business presentations
      pls contact us at 09156385699

  3. ricardo c. ortega says

    I wanted to know more about food stalls which need a capital of 30,000 pesos.I am here in Iligan city.

  4. Geraldine says

    Hi! I am thinking of a food stall for franchising. My budget is 25,000. Please email me. Thanks. =)

  5. lyle b catacutan says

    i am planning to start a business with any business that can capital of 50000 how can i start this one pls leave me an email

  6. FILIPINAS says

    Are you sure it is Php20,000. I use to sell before this set of Water filtration cost Php 250,000 like 9 years ago. So please give me information what kind and brochures. I am contemplating on this one. Thanks. That would a good amount to start a business.

  7. ricky caput says

    Greetings! I would like to inquire about the complete details regarding the Bakery and Food Franchise.kindly send it to my email;thanks.

  8. an says

    gooday sir/madam,

    Pls.send me a complete details of your purified water franchise and also the food cart..hoping for your reply thank you and godbless..

  9. jullieanne blancas says

    just want to have like this business but i dont have an idea..i hope to here you soon about franchising…email me.

    thanks jullieanne…

  10. Christian says

    Purified water for only 20,000 php? pls send me the details in my e-mail Sir. i’m really intersted in putting up this business. Thanks!

  11. sheila says

    just want to inquire some infos regarding sa mga products and menus… kindly send it to my mail..tnx

  12. Jeremy Ebenezer says

    Hi,i’m from singapore…There’s 2 businesses i’m keen on.1 is the water refilingnks station…the other is the food carts.I do have contacts in philipnes as well.Please do mail me and let me know.thanks

  13. maria elizabeth inamarga says

    Hi! I just want to inquire about sa details nung water refilling station. panu naging Php20,000 lang ang minimum capital nun? tnx.

  14. Cherry Lyn Duldulao says

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    Good day!! I write this letter to inquire about your company. Your advertisement / website looks like you have what we want. Please forward information regarding with your product lists and menus to my email address. It would be appreciated if you also provide the price list which describes the full line of your products.

    Thank you for your time and attention. I am looking forward for your immediate response.

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