Analysis: Marketing Like Magnum Ice Cream

Borgy’s question may seem irrelevant, but it provoked me to write an article that is super relevant in making a business fly high:

What do you think about Magnum Ice Cream? hehehe

– Borgy


Trick question? 🙂

Magnum Ice Cream, while expensive at Php55.00 as compared to Cornetto or Drumstick which are sold at Php25.00, is being sold out left and right from every convenience store . I have to say, marketing strategy is very effective and yet I have not seen a single commercial on the TV. How did they do it?

%Franchising PhilippinesSocial Media is a Great Way to Advertise

Many of my friends have a picture of themselves eating a bar of the expensive ice cream on Faceboook and it is the pressing reason why I tried it. (To be honest it was too plain for me. I’d go for Cornetto Disk next time.) None of them were paid to post their picture on Facebook but I will bet a hundred thousand pesos, Selecta paid a ton of social bloggers to post their picture online and recommend it to their readers. I know how it works, one was a high school classmate of mine.

Then the readers do what their idols do and post a picture of them eating the ice cream at social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

The friends of these people, whether they read social blogs or not, follow suit and post their pictures online — who does not want to look cool and fit in? Those who do not fall for the trick  still buy the ice cream out of curiosity.

But Word of Mouth is Still Best

The oldest form of advertising, word of  mouth recommendation is still the best, and a part of the campaign. Those who tried and liked the ice cream (whether they like the taste or the social stature it brings) recommend the ice cream to their friends. Selecta reels in the profits.

To Summarize the Process:

Here are the steps to get your stuff viral the Magnum Ice Cream way. And because I am trying to be funny, I will do this in a meme fashion:

1. Pay social bloggers and celebs to post their pictures consuming your product.
2. Let the internet to the work.
3. ????
4. PROFIT!!!!

21 Things That Go Viral Over the Internet

%Franchising Philippines
Fig. - One of the funnest magnum pics among my friends. (Picture posted with blessings from her.)

Paying people to get your stuff viral is not the only way, though. People share a lot of things over social websites every single day. But what makes a viral-worthy topic?

  1. funny
  2. artistic / beautiful / cute
  3. thought-provoking
  4. shocking
  5. numbers
  6. animals
  7. sex
  8. gossip
  9. timeliness
  10. event-relevant
  11. inspiring
  12. fact
  13. charitable
  14. myth-busting
  15. social
  16. intelligent
  17. inquisitive
  18. emotional
  19. unconventional
  20. organic (more commonly known as genuine, not fake)
  21. any combination of the above.

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  2. swapnil kamble says

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  3. dindo fernandez says

    Hi Franchise King,

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  4. Alexa says

    i tried magnum because i went to a 7-11 store and saw an advertisement saying get it here at 7-11! with a big picture of magnum… and my mind instantly signaled me to go inside and buy not just 1 but 2 bars! the one with truffle and the other one is the almond flavor! instinct also pushes me to take a picture of it first before i eat it! post it in fb without knowing that there is a “craze” about it.. hayst, i don’t want to follow the trend but hey, it looks like i did because of the timing of my post in fb! like 2-3 weeks ago! haha, crazy! and now, pahinga muna sa magnum, umay na umay na ako!

    Selecta Gold ice cream muna ulit!

    • Franchise King says

      Indeed. Katulad ko, pagkatapos bumili ng dalawa (one for me and one for my girl), Cornetto na lang ulit.

  5. Jamilin Race says

    Kudos! I think like anything else in life, Magnum Ice cream success can be attributed to the way that Star Bucks’ successfully positioned itself in the market and that is by elite lifestyle re positioning. You said it in your best SATC interpretation but in plain honesty, people just don’t want to fit in, they want to stand out!

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