Food carts, kiosks, and fast food restaurants are everywhere in the Metro. The choices are very extensive and the competition is stiff. Now, where can you usually see these bunch of food stalls?

–          Train station
–          Transport terminal
–          Business areas
–          School areas
–          Side walk

We usually see a lot of food stalls in jam-packed places around the city. So many choices that you can hardly pick what you really want. That frequently happens to me. I would start sailing through the aisle of food stalls but I’d end up nothing in my hand. Commuters and passersby are the main target markets of food stalls. Travelling to the office or school can be time-consuming. There are times that we forget to eat the right food. Instead, we pack our food and leave. We commonly call it as ‘grab and go’ or ‘breakfast on the go’. This habit is convenient for some people as they can eat well while on travel. Sometimes we cannot blame those people whose habit is bringing packed foods along with them while on travel. These people might naturally do not have a good appetite during breakfast, and they find ‘breakfast on the go’ more fitting and helpful.

What is the right food for commuters?

Number 1 in the list: ENERGY FOODS!

Experts say that foods high in sugar and fat are what most tired people crave for. We naturally crave for these stuffs when we’re low on energy because sugary foods such as chocolates, candies, and pastries can give us an instant boost. If you’re conscious, then make some changes to your eating habits in order to defeat your tiredness. Choosing the right kind of food can make a huge difference. Commuters and busy people must eat hearty type of foods. When we say hearty, it’s nutritious but light in your tummy, as we know commuters never eat heavy meals. Examples of hearty foods are grain chips, fruits, or maybe vitamin-enriched biscuits. But if you’re opting for food cart stuffs, choose what’s good for you – stuffed waffle, noodles, burgers or sandwiches.

Keep foods fresh and simple. Choose the ones which are convenient and easy to carry. While on the go, avoid stuffs that can mess up your day. Imagine your fingers are coated with sauces, while your lap is full of crumbs and dribbles. We don’t want that to happen. Moreover, variety is important as this gives our bodies energy-boosting nutrients.