How to Start a PCSO Lotto Outlet Franchise?

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What would be more exciting that winning a great amount of money with just mere luck? For only a small amount that you would shed, you would have chances of winning thousands or even millions of pesos if you will be the lucky winner! This great amount of enthusiasm and excitement is brought by the crowd’s favorite lottery game none other than the PCSO Lotto draw. Whenever you cross some busy street you would get to see people queuing in line most especially if the jackpot prize is quite lucrative. If you are looking forward to having your very own PCSO Lotto outlet then you better check out the details below.

About PCSO and Lotto

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office or PCSO is the philanthropy arm of the Philippine government, subsidizing to vital wellbeing and welfare exercises. The PCSO’s essential profit originate from the people who enter sweepstakes or lotto draws supported by the organization. Charter permits the PCSO to designate 30% of its net deals to the Charity Fund, while 55% is dispensed to prizes, and 15% to operations.

PCSO started with only two recipients: the Philippine Tuberculosis Society and Hospicio de San Jose – the PCSO now has an extensive rundown of recipients that incorporate the Red Cross, Blood Bank, National Mental Hospital, Boys’ Town in Marikina, Missionaries of Charity in Cebu, Golden Acres, Tala Leprosarium, Commission on Family Life in Laoag City, Bacolod Boys’ Home in Negros Occidental, Dominican Missionaries’ Stela Maris Nursery, Leprosarium in Zamboanga City, Daughter of Mary, Mother of the Church in Naga City, sustenance focuses, country wellbeing centers, government clinics, and numerous others. Now, it caters to more than 8,000 recipients.

Main Products/Services Offered

  1. Lotto Games: Grand Lotto 6/55; Power Lotto; Super Lotto 6/49; Mega Lotto 6/45; Lotto 6/42; Lotto 6 Digit Game; Lotto 4D; SuerTres; EZ2 Lotto
  2. Small Town Lottery
  3. Mini-Sweepstakes
  4. Keno
  5. Scratch It! Instant Tama!
  6. KasCash

Who Would be Eligible to Apply as a Franchisee?

For Individual Applicant:

  • Filipino citizen
  • At least 21 years old

For Corporation:

  • Registered under Philippine law
  • 100% Filipino-owned

What are the Requirements to be Submitted?

For Individual Applicant:

  • Three (3) latest ID pictures (2 x 2);
  • Three (3) latest ID pictures (2 x 2) of spouse;
  • Letter of Intent;
  • Online Lottery Personal Data Sheet;
  • Proof of Income;
  • Income Tax Return

For Self-employed:

  • Income Tax Return
  • Registration of Business
  • Audited Financial Statements

For Corporation:

  • Bio-data of Corporate Officers and Directors
  • Photocopy of S.E.C Registration Photocopy of Articles of Incorporation Photocopy of By Laws Latest audited Financial Statement I.T.R. for the immediately preceding year Letter of Intent Contract of Lease Building Owner’s Authorization Sketch/Location Map of the Proposed Agency Site Photograph of the Vicinity Photograph of the Building
  • Photograph of the Interior

For documentation purposes, the applicant must also submit these information regarding the location:

  • Sketch or map of the site showing location of existing lotto outlets in the area
  • Pictures of the proposed site and its vicinity
  • Proof of ownership of the site
  • For owner: Include land title
  • For lessee: Include a notarized certification from the building owner

Where Should Your Proposed or Target Location for Your PCSO Lotto Franchise Be?

The location will be left to the candidate, including expenses for rent, lease, development, establishment of electrical lines, telephone lines, security gimmicks and all different associations. This implies that candidates must know the best place to put a lotto outlet besides conforming to area necessities set by PCSO.

A perfect site is some place with few existing lotto outlets, exceptionally available and ideally packed. Some current operators have set their outlets close to markets, inside shopping centers, near neighborhoods, close to establishments that draw numerous clients like restaurants, corner stores and others.

PCSO’s requirements for location are as follows:

  • Minimum distance from another outlet should be 50m
  • Minimum distance from elementary and secondary schools should be 100m
  • Floor space should be at least 2m by 2m
  • Business counters should measure at least 36in by 24in
  • Floor space must be dry, ventilated (preferably air conditioned) and should not be prone to floods
  • Must have at least one fixed landline for hotline use
  • Must face the direction of human traffic or major traffic flow
  • Regular power supply of 220VAC
  • Available space for terminal installation, modem and lottery paraphernalia like shelves, counters and cabinets

Application Process for a PCSO Lotto Franchise

1. Submit appropriately filled Lotto Application form (downloadable at the PCSO site) and other narrative prerequisites (see beneath for complete rundown) to PCSO. For outlets inside Metro Manila, submit the necessities at the PCSO Main Office. For outlets outside Metro Manila, submit them at the PCSO Branch Office covering the area.

2. Pay the application expense of P2,500.00 to the PCSO Treasury Department (Main Office) or Cashier (Branch Office).

3. On the off chance that sanction, the accompanying must be paid inside 30 days:

Establishment Fee of P10,000.00 to the Treasury Department (Main Office) or Cashier (Branch Office); and

Money Bond of P300,000.00 or Surety Bond to cover the measure of P700,000.00.

Security of Your PCSO Lotto Outlet

PCSO outlets can earn a lot of money overnight, the establishment must be highly secure. In addition to the location requirements, the entrepreneurs must be ready to remodel the chosen establishment to meet PCSO specifications on security, which includes: Cost of buying the establishment varies, but may hit somewhere around Php500,000 since the ideal sites have to be located in highly accessible, commercial areas.

The operators benefits from an outlet by winning a rate of the gross sale of an item, generally 4.5 to 5%. The more tickets sold, the higher the profits. Furthermore, if an outlet manager holds a winning ticket, then the holder will be given a rate of the winning ticket, which can reach up to Php500,000.

So if you are ready to start your venture by investing and getting your own PCSO Lotto outlet, then you have to start downloading the application form from their site and check them out from the contact details below:

Contact Details

PCSO Main Office: PICC Secretariat Bldg, CCP Complex, 1307 Roxas Blvd., Pasay City

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  1. Mario L. Garcia says

    Im interested for the part of PCSO lotto outlet.Please give an idea how to join PCSO lotto outlet.Im retired seaman.

  2. Jejeje says

    Samuel Wong,

    Question – Bakit di ka pwede mag ka anak ng maputi?
    Answer – kasi “two wongs doesnt make it white”
    Lol 😭

  3. Oscar Aratea says

    I am a retired OFW am i qualified to operate a lotto outlet? Seaman are tax exempt, is it necessary to submit income tax return certificate?

  4. Roman Sawali Banta says

    gusto ko mag lotto agent .sa requirements ay proof of income wala na ako job..tumigil na..wala ring Income tax return.diba pd aq mag agent?

  5. Anna liza M. Lumaad says

    Im interested to invest in PCSO Lotto outlet now,location will be in Midsalip Zamboanga del Sur, if I completed all the requirements,how long Ive waited for the approval or when can I start my operation?

  6. says

    I’m interested to invest PCSO Lotto outlet after my retirement as OFW. Part of individual applicant requirements is Income Tax Return and as an OFW, we are exempted and did not file the Income Tax Return. Kindly advise

  7. says

    I’m interested to invest PCSO Lotto outlet after my retirement as OFW. Part of individual applicant requirements is Income Tax Return and as an OFW, we are exempted and did not file the Income Tax Return. Kindly advise

  8. Adelfa dagatay says

    Ask ko LNG po pwd ba scratch it Lang ang I isang naguumpisa pa LNG sa ganitong business parehas din po ba ng requirements sa franchise ng lotto mismo.thankyou

  9. mjnotary says

    Dear sir/mam

    Total in all po,magkano ba tlg ang magasto
    Kong mag franchises po ako ng lottohan? May application exp,establishement fee,money bond paba na babayaran?
    Thank you,

  10. Marianne ibon says

    Good day.i would like to apply as a lotto agent but i only have 100,000 on hand.can i still apply?thanks.kindly reply

  11. Lorna C. Balita says

    Knowing the above requirements fro Lotto franchising, may I know at once, how much I money I needed for the franchise?

  12. Elmer c. Talan says

    We would like to inquire how we can have a lotto outlet.. We are very interested to have one near our place

  13. says

    Interested on putting up a business. Possible site is at Vista Verde Executive Village, beside Mini Mart, along Felix Avenue, Cainta Rizal.

    I need details as how much I need to invest in this lotto outlet business.

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