Dont say itAs much as you want to please every customer that you have, we must admit that there are downtimes or meltdowns that you may face as you run your business. Nothing prompts a customer service meltdown more rapidly than the utilization of hostile or offensive expressions. To be able to prevent your irate customer to burst up in flames more because of anger, we have scoured the web for the top seven phrases that a majority view as the dirty words of customer service, but that are frequently used by many customer service representatives today. You should avoid these lines to get yourself out of trouble, check them out:

That’s the manufacturer’s responsibility

This phrase is simply telling that you have no power to help the customer after getting their money and this is such a no-no excuse. As a seller, you have to show that you care even after making that sale.

What to say instead?

“We can solve that problem” or “we can help you with that..” These phrases convey that you have a solution to the problem. Your angry customer would certainly calm down after hearing these words.

That’s our policy

Imagine a customer who is flaming mad about the defective product purchased from you and your phrase to address them is “that’s our policy”, what do you think would be the customer’s reaction? Of course, the customer would be angrier than ever and might put a curse on you (hopefully not!)

TOP does not help but it would hasten the transformation of current customer into a former customer instead. If you want to have more customer retention try to avoid this phrase for sure!

What to say instead?

“Let’s see what we can do about it” or “How can I help you?” These phrases are more appealing and would certainly pacify a flaming mad customer. Your irate customer would feel that you are interested in solving the problem rather than shutting him or her off instantly with TOP.

You’ll have to or you’ll need to

These phrases are simply telling customers to do something because you can’t do it for them. In other words, you are still shutting them off and leading them to doing the solution their selves because you can’t help them. This is a big no-no!

What to say instead?

“Let me guide you or walk you through our site etc” This phrase is helpful already and would make the customer feel that you are sincerely helping out and exerting effort in guiding the lost and angry customer.

Would you mind holding for a moment?

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, most certainly the customer minds. Be prepared for your answer when the customer answered you back with a strong “No!”. Justify why you want to put your customer on hold and give the specific time frame up to when you would put him or her on hold.

What to say instead?

“To further assist you with your concern, let me verify the details as I put you on hold for XXX minutes” Being specific of the time frame gives the customer time to prepare himself to wait and by stating your reason why you will put the customer on hold is justifying that you are eager to help and that you are trying your best to solve the problem.

There’s nothing I can do

Okay, so what did you just say? Never ever say this phrase to your customer! Don’t tell your customer that you are worthless and calling you or coming to you to vent about the customer’s problem is just a waste of time.

What to say instead?

“I will find out” Honesty and showing the customer that you care gives you more integrity as a merchant. Taking the responsibility instead of quitting abruptly or passing it to someone else is more appreciated by the customers. Always remember, if you are really at fault of the root of the problem, there’s always an option to refund whether partially or granting a full refund.

To be honest with you

This phrase suggests a negative connotation about the company. It seems like the company was dishonest before and that you are giving the customer some doubts and this would certainly add fire to the flaming mad customer.

What to say instead?

“I will or I will get back to you on…” Be straightforward to your answer. Don’t give the customer more doubts and more ways to hate you more. Sincerity is important to build trust and rapport with your customer. If you want to keep your customer or gain more, you need to create strong bonds and show them that you are on top of everything.

I believe or I think

I believe and I think are certainly off limits and should never be uttered. The customer called you or came to you because he or she is most certainly sure that you can help. Don’t ever say these phrase to your angry customer because you would certainly look incompetent and clueless of your business.

What to say instead?

“Let me check it out for you” or “I can solve that problem”. Or simply just be precise and give the correct answer. No other jargons can help you out than being accurate and straight to the point. Giving the exact answer to the customer is more satisfying than saying you believe or you think which is certainly uncertain and dubious.

“My pleasure” certainly sounds more pleasant than “you’re welcome” because it shows more enthusiasm and zest when spoken instead of the usual “you’re welcome”. Each customer is unique and some may be difficult to handle but with the right words and the right approach, you could certainly win your customers back and who knows, you might have more because of your positive and winning approach.