How to Start a Krispy Kreme Franchise in the Philippines

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Those who has a sweet tooth know that donuts are very addictive! The beautiful colors of the sprinkles, teh delisoucs sweet dough and the glaze are always to die for.

One of the most popular donut franchise in the Philippines is Krispy Kreme. Although it is an American brand, the Pinoys have started to embrace it. If you want to start a Krispy kreme Franchise, you should take a look at this article.

About Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme started in 1937 by a young man named Vernon Rudolph in a small town in North Carolina. His aked donust smelled so good that people started to flock to his donut shop. From this very humble start, Krispy Kreme now has a thousands of store in the world, including in the Philippines.

How to Start a Krispy Kreme Franchise in the Philippines: Financial Requirements

Before starting, you should consider the following factors first:

  • Store construction and cost
  • Space rental or land cost
  • Cost of labor both on construction and on operations
  • Costs of importing the ingredients

With that all said, the franchsie fee for a Krispy Kreme business is $12,500 to $25,000.00. This does not include the total investment of $275,000.00 to $1,911,250.

Aside from that, there will be an ongoing royalty costs of 4.5% and advertising costs of 5%, both based on the gross income.

You can also choose to franchise a kiosk or a fresh stop where the franchise fee is only $10,000.00

How to Start Franchising Krispy Kreme?

  1. First you need to go to their website, and fill up the application for franchising.
  2. Once application is approved, you should pay the franchise fee.
  3. An agent will get in touch to instruct you on how to open your Krispy Kreme franchise!

Contact Information

Mr. Jimmy Fuentebella, Chairman

Ms. Veronica Bejasa, Business Development Associate

Phone : 784-9000 loc. 1502/1409



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  1. Irish unday says

    Good pm im interested to be ur partner soon i wnat to avail your food art franchise pls call me at this no 09274315345 irish a unday tuguegarao city

    • Tristan Laurence M says

      Wanting to have additional business for ur framily?
      Own and grow your franchise outlets with us!

      1. Carts are easier to manage and operate
      2. They require less capital and rental cost
      3. carts are easy to transfer if the location is not good
      4. they need less maintenance and few workers
      5. carts are ideal for business offering limited products or services
      6. target market is larger
      7. it is easy to expand a cart business because it entails less capital
      8. carts are easy to launch
      We have 222 franchisees nationwide and be one of us!
      So hurry up and be one of us!

      Tristan Laurence M
      In reply to mhalie alinabon.
      Hi good day sir mam,
      thank you for ur interest to open a franchise business with us,
      below are some of our franchise details.
      pls feel free to ask for my assistance with regards to ur business.

      sir tristan
      tritop foodcart venture co owner

      – ice scrumble
      – burger stop
      – siomai bites

      – boss sisig
      – whats shakin
      – buko factory
      – burp rice meal
      – mix n fries

      – kool ka lang (40k)
      – waffle delights (40k)

      -Pitastic pita (not combinable to other concept)

      2IN1 CART (40k) to (50k)
      3IN1 CART (50k) to (70k)

      (100k) (150k)


      ( 250k)

      pls contact us at 09156385699

  2. Chuchie Roxas says

    Good morning mam/sir.i would like to ask how much would it cost to francise a kiosk type for the Krispy Kreme.we have Robinson’s Place and I think it’s the right place for it!


    I’m an adict consumer of krispy cReme. An SM mall is about to open here in Tuguegarao City, North Philippines. This is such a perfect location since it is located at the hearth of the city where vast of people are seen. Can you help me have an idea on how could I start business through franchise of your product. Please consider that I have but limited financial start up. Maybe a kiosk type is affordable. Please, thank you!

  4. Janice says

    Good day maam/sir just wanted to know if how much would it cost ,if I’ll franchise only a kiosk type for the krispy kreme?

    • Richard says

      Hello, my question would be as I noticed one of the suggested requirements is to check the price of importing the ingredients to the Philippines. So my question is the two malls that are in my city in the Philippines both have a Dunkin’ Donuts , with the import fees of the ingredients from the US would I still be able to compete pricewise with the Dunkin’ Donuts in the mall ???

    • Oscar says

      Good day maam/sir would like to ask how much the cost ,if I’ll franchise only a kiosk type for the krispy kreme?

  5. says

    Hi i ami terested in a krispy kreame franchise i live in surigao there is a newmall under constrution here would there be a franchise available here. I am from north carolina near winston salen i have loved krispy kreame since i was a kid in school. Sincerly Donald R. McCandless

  6. donald mccandless says

    Hi i am inrerested in a franchise i live in surigao where there is a new mall under construction,i have been sincerly enjoying krispy kreame for many years as i am from north carolina only 30 minutes from winston salem sincerly Donald R. McCandless

  7. Arianne broas says

    Good day!
    Can you please compute me how much will i cost if im gonna run da business of A krispy kreme i want to get a franchise either mall or in my own place..
    And if you can provide me a place to build/location even employees

    I’ll wait for your response
    imariannes 💕💋

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