Mister Donut Franchise – Ngiting Mr. Donut!

Mister Donut:  Putting Smile on Every Filipinos Can you imagine that since 1955 Mister Donut has been putting smiles on every faces of each of its customers?  They started in Boston, U.S.A in 1955 and their donuts reached the Philippines in 1995, since  then Mister Donut is one of the fastest Growing food brands on the Philippines. It became one of the successful franchising … [Read more...]

TK Takoyaki Food Cart Franchise

TK Takoyaki:  Bringing a Taste of Japan With in Your Reach. Takoyaki is a savory ball shaped Japanese dumpling perfectly grilled in a special takoyaki pan. Even though this is a Japanese cuisine TK Takoyaki makes it easier for us to enjoy this tasty Japanese treat. A typical takoyaki is filled with diced baby octopus, some vegetables, green onion and some tempura scraps. It … [Read more...]

Potato Madness: Unique Flavors, Great Ideas

Potato Madness: Unique Flavors, Great Ideas Who can think of combining the usual French fries we know with a unique flavors making it a wonderful potato snack, no one else but Potato Madness. A taste of Potato Madness will really make you crave for more. You will definitely go mad of numbers of variants such as their zesty wedges that will make you go oh so wild, their … [Read more...]

Plato Wraps Food Cart Franchise

Plato Wraps: “Great Meals in Small Packages” Plato Wraps is a wonderful and original idea by Antonio and Kamela Seen; owners of Panederia Antonio. Plato wraps is one of the best food product concept that originated from Dagupan, Pangasinan. This food business has been a successful food cart business concept owned by Antonio Seen; he was able to manage to increase his store … [Read more...]

Ice Monster Franchise

Ice Monster Franchise: A Monster You Will Surely Love Ice monster offers you a unique ice dessert that will surely give you a monstrous experience to enjoy. They started their journey in manila around 2003, and since then they had been consistently growing their store numbers. Ice Monster has been a popular ice dessert to many customers because of its uniqueness. Their ice … [Read more...]

RBX: Rice in a Box Franchise

RBX: Rice in a Box Franchise: Rice Meal To-Go “It’s Simply Bilis-cious”. A rice meal that is so popular to people who are always on the go. Perfect for working mothers, call center agents, office workers and students. This is a wonderful food business concept that originated in one of Manila’s hottest business spot “Chinatown”. Rice in a box started in 1999 since then they … [Read more...]

Minute Burger Food Kiosk Franchise

Minute Burger Franchise: Serving the Best Tasting Burgers for More than 20 Years They have been serving us the best tasting burgers for more than two decades now, and still their quality is as best as ever. They have more than 350 stores with 100 franchised stores all over the country and their number is continuously growing. Minute Burger has been developing and making the … [Read more...]

New York Fries and Dips (NYFD) Franchise

NY FRIES & DIPS: A Fresh Idea from a Young Mind. Have a taste of New York here in the Philippines. A Young Filipino Entrepreneur brought with him a taste of New York here in Manila. When he came back to his home land he brought to him NY FRIES & DIPS business concept here, which opened business and job opportunities to many Filipinos. Nowadays more and more numbers … [Read more...]

Fruitas Fruit Shakes Franchise: Fresh From Babot’s Farm!

Fruitas Franchise: Fruitas Group of Companies Their vision is “ …to be as Big as the Creator would allow us to be”. This vision seems to be right, humble yet they are successful. Their journey towards their success is made achievable because of their standards, integrity, hard work, dedication, compassion and education. Without these aspects Fruitas will not be as big as they … [Read more...]

Potato Corner Franchise

Potato Corner Franchise: The Potatoest Potatoes Just Around the Corner Potato Corner is the number one food cart business in the Philippines who really understands the Filipino taste buds. Potato Corner had been operating since 1992, and as the years go on Potato Corner became known to people in the cities and even all through out the country. Potato Corner manage to … [Read more...]