Sisig: The Meal and the Biz

Sisig Franchise

Everyone has his own signature and favorite sisig. Sisig is well-loved by most of Filipinos, in fact we can prepare it in our own style and taste. Kapampangans were the ones who introduced sisig to the neighboring provinces of Pampanga until it became popular in Metro Manila. Then in the latter years, it had spread in some parts of the world, and foreigners do appreciate its … [Read more...]

Waffles, waffles and more waffles!


Waffle is a batter cooked in a waffle iron to produce a distinctive shape. Waffle is similar to pancakes, and is also a perfect thing for breakfast. Actually, waffle was invented for those people who prefer to take their breakfast on the go. Waffles are eaten throughout the world, particularly in the United States and Belgium, and often served with delightful toppings such as … [Read more...]

What Type of Food Should You Serve to Busy People?

Busy People

Food carts, kiosks, and fast food restaurants are everywhere in the Metro. The choices are very extensive and the competition is stiff. Now, where can you usually see these bunch of food stalls? -          Train station -          Transport terminal -          Business areas -          School areas -          Side walk We usually see a lot of food stalls in jam-packed … [Read more...]

Five Questions to Ask Your Franchise Consultant

businessman 2

Franchise consulting encompasses a consultant-client relationship, and most of them offer free consultation. Nowadays, would-be entrepreneurs are so inclined into franchising. Most of them franchise food carts and kiosks. With all these popular franchise concepts in the market today, how can you be sure that you’re in the right business? Hard-earned money is well-treasured … [Read more...]

French Fries and the French Fries Franchise Business

french fries

The long, thin, deep-fried strips of potato which is popularly called as French fries, is everyone’s well-loved finger food. The term ‘French fries’ was coined when the former US president, Thomas Jefferson had his potatoes served in the French manner at the White House dinner in 1802. Since then, the term ‘French fries’ was first occurred in print in English in 1856. Though it … [Read more...]

Things to Consider when Choosing a Business Location

business location

Things to consider when choosing a business location If you recall the Four P’s in your marketing class way back in college, it would help you analyze and choose the best locations for your business. The Four P’s is one of the fundamental theories taught in any marketing course. So what does this Four P’s stand for? -          Price -          Product -          … [Read more...]

Ogie Doggie Franchise – Experience the Yummilicious Taste

ogie doggie franchise

Ogie Doggie: From a Dream to Reality Everybody has a dream of having a successful business, something to invest with and for singer/actor Ogie Alcasid it is a dream that came true. Mr. Herminio “Ogie” Alcasid Jr. An artist to a businessman he was the one who conceptualized a wonderful food concept business which is the “Ogie Doggie Hotdogs and Sausages Corners”. He … [Read more...]

Burgers and the Burger Franchise Business

Burger Franchise

Burgers and the Burger Franchise Make your favorite burger an extraordinary burger.  I am a fan of a hamburger, and it doesn’t matter where it was bought. What matters to me most, is the taste and the scrummy factor that would linger in my memory for the rest of my life. I may be exaggerating but that’s the way I can describe it since I am a certified foodie. Hamburger is … [Read more...]

Analysis: Marketing Like Magnum Ice Cream

Magnum Ice Cream

Borgy's question may seem irrelevant, but it provoked me to write an article that is super relevant in making a business fly high: What do you think about Magnum Ice Cream? hehehe - Borgy   Trick question? :) Magnum Ice Cream, while expensive at Php55.00 as compared to Cornetto or Drumstick which are sold at Php25.00, is being sold out left and right from every … [Read more...]

Ice Cream and the Ice Cream Franchise

Ice Cream Franchise

Ice Cream Franchise : Beat the Summer Heat! Ice cream has fun flavours for all seasons. Name it! Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry craze. Ice cream is everyone’s favorite dessert for both young and old. The production of ice cream has grown into a huge business and many ice cream companies are making good profit because of the increasing demands of the people in the world. … [Read more...]