Six Christmas Gifts That Will Keep You In Your Client’s Mind

Client gift ideas to Keep Them Happy

You should always give holiday gifts to your most important clients. Gift giving is a way to make someone happy and a happy client will always recommend your business to everyone they meet. Gone are the days where you can give mass gifts (like an umbrella) to your clients and call it a Merry Christmas. Those are boring! Needless to say, you should always tailor your gifts to … [Read more...]

Boy Prito Food Cart Franchise

Boy Prito Franchise

Pinoys love to eat. No doubt about it. The fastest selling food stuffs, though is fried meats with rice. Think fried chicken, porkchops, lumpia. That's where food carts, which are sprouting everywhere in the Metro, indicating this particular niche is super profitable. This is where Boy Prito Comes in. Boy Prito offers lots and lots of snacks for the busy people who are … [Read more...]

Kumon Franchise


As an essential and fundamental means to secure a child's future, many parents would want to  have their children receive education besides the knowledge they receive from school. Tutorial centers are a big business right now because of this. The establishments that teach children techniques to do advanced Math or many life hacks a child can use. About Kumon Franchise Toru … [Read more...]

Gamot Publiko Franchise: Details and Info

Gamot Publiko franchise

One of the biggest concerns of Filipinos right now is how high the prices of medicines are. The slogan of one multivitamin brand says it all: bawal magkasakit. Getting sick for the typical Pinoy means expensive doctors fees and equally expensive medication. Luckily, generic medicines are becoming more and more popular to the masses. No wonder: equally effective products at a … [Read more...]

Kenny Rogers’ Roasters Franchise

Kenny Rogers roasters franchise

Delicious grilled chicken. Many people love a nicely roasted chicken. So simple yet so delicious. Filipinos are natural chicken lovers, as it is evidenced by our native dished that employ the use of chicken meat. This chicken loving country is a great market for a restaurant that focuses of roast chicken like Kenny Rogers' Roasters. What's even more exciting is that Kenny's … [Read more...]

Jamba Juice Franchise Details and Information

Jamba Juice Franchise

The service for healthful, natural and delicious fruit juice here in the Philippines is quite rare. The advent of health revolution has now reached the Philippines and with the lack of supply that satisfies the demand, Jamba Juice has a trully large market in the PH, especially in malls. If you want a restaurant or juice franchise that adheres to your and other people's healthy … [Read more...]

Hap Chan Tea House Restaurant Franchise

Hap Chan Franchise

The Chinese are everywhere in the country! Because the idea of doing business here in the Philippines is so good, the people of China are starting to migrate from their country to the Philippines. We love Chinese food too. Combine the Chinese and the Pinoy who love Chinese food and you have an insatiable market for a Chinese restaurant. Hap Chan is one of the leading Chinese … [Read more...]

How to Start: Andoks Litson Manok Franchise

Andoks franchise

When there is a family outing, guests for dinner or even when mom does not feel like cooking, a Lechon Manok is the one food that comes to mind. Tasty and simple but loved by many (including yours truly) Lechon Manok business is one lucrative business you can start. Andok's Litson Manok is a recognizable name when it comes to roasted chicken, and it is open for franchising. … [Read more...]

How to Start Adobo Connection Franchise

Adobo COnnection

Adobo is one of the biggest and most delicious meals that the Spanish influenced for us. Highly liked and favored by many Pinoys worldwide, the huble Adobo has become featured in many menus in Filipino restaurants around the world. Adobo-themed restaurants have been popping inside the Philippines, and one of the mist recognizable name in this delicious viand is Adobo … [Read more...]