Why You Should Have a Sound Inventory System


Inventory System: Why do it? An inventory system is important in running and managing any business. An inventory system can sometimes be intricate and simple. Most of businesses do determine what they will record and what it includes. Decide and be specific what you include in the inventory. For an instance, if you’re doing an inventory of office equipment such as computers, … [Read more...]

Small Businesses in the Philippines: Is small really the new big?

small business idea

Being an employee is good, but being an entrepreneur is better. Let’s amend to the fact that an ordinary street vendor earns twice as much as a regular employee does. I once interviewed a typical street vendor, he declared that he’s earning minimum of one thousand pesos a day selling barbecue, isaw, quail eggs etc. Likewise to sari-sari store owner who never gets out of … [Read more...]

Bibingkinitan Franchise – Sarap ng Pinoy Merienda


Bibingkinitan: Proudly Filipino Made Bibingkinitan changed the way Filipino eat their traditional bibingka. Usually we can only see Bibingka during Christmas season, but Bibingkinitan made it possible for us to enjoy this Filipino popular delicacy. Pinoys will never miss this soft and moist bibingka.  For only Php 50 you can indulge yourself with this tasty treat and a cup … [Read more...]

Happy Haus Donuts Food Cart Franchise

Happy House Franchise 2

Happy –Haus Donuts: Creating Affordable Quality Donut Products It was only 2005 when Happy-haus Food Corporation started this incredible food concept. The company wanted to create donut products that are affordable to all but not limiting its quality. As any other companies, Happy-haus’ goal is to be the best donut retail company in the country and even abroad. They … [Read more...]

Mister Donut Franchise – Ngiting Mr. Donut!

mr donut logo

Mister Donut:  Putting Smile on Every Filipinos Can you imagine that since 1955 Mister Donut has been putting smiles on every faces of each of its customers?  They started in Boston, U.S.A in 1955 and their donuts reached the Philippines in 1995, since  then Mister Donut is one of the fastest Growing food brands on the Philippines. It became one of the successful franchising … [Read more...]

How to Handle Customer Complaints


Handling Customer Complaints Whenever we encounter customer complaints, then the L.E.A.R.N. Principle may help you. Disgruntled customers are everywhere. We cannot please everyone but applying the L.E.A.R.N. Principle will certainly pacify the displeased customers. Why is handling customer complaint important? First and foremost, customers are the lifeblood of your … [Read more...]

Why Franchising is the Best Business?

HK Style Noodles

Why Franchising Is the Best Business Franchising is one of the inclinations of today’s modern entrepreneur. Franchising creates imagination and innovation. This is considered a good investment. Many have succeeded in franchising business. For many, this is the best business ever! Aspiring and professional business people say that franchising is the best business. … [Read more...]

TK Takoyaki Food Cart Franchise

tk takoyaki franchise

TK Takoyaki:  Bringing a Taste of Japan With in Your Reach. Takoyaki is a savory ball shaped Japanese dumpling perfectly grilled in a special takoyaki pan. Even though this is a Japanese cuisine TK Takoyaki makes it easier for us to enjoy this tasty Japanese treat. A typical takoyaki is filled with diced baby octopus, some vegetables, green onion and some tempura scraps. It … [Read more...]

Potato Madness: Unique Flavors, Great Ideas

potato madness food cart

Potato Madness: Unique Flavors, Great Ideas Who can think of combining the usual French fries we know with a unique flavors making it a wonderful potato snack, no one else but Potato Madness. A taste of Potato Madness will really make you crave for more. You will definitely go mad of numbers of variants such as their zesty wedges that will make you go oh so wild, their … [Read more...]

Plato Wraps Food Cart Franchise

Plato Wraps Franchise

Plato Wraps: “Great Meals in Small Packages” Plato Wraps is a wonderful and original idea by Antonio and Kamela Seen; owners of Panederia Antonio. Plato wraps is one of the best food product concept that originated from Dagupan, Pangasinan. This food business has been a successful food cart business concept owned by Antonio Seen; he was able to manage to increase his store … [Read more...]