Top 7 Phrases Customers Hate to Hear (and What You Should Say Instead)

Dont say it

As much as you want to please every customer that you have, we must admit that there are downtimes or meltdowns that you may face as you run your business. Nothing prompts a customer service meltdown more rapidly than the utilization of hostile or offensive expressions. To be able to prevent your irate customer to burst up in flames more because of anger, we have scoured the … [Read more...]

Kambal Pandesal Bakery Franchise Details, Fees and Contact Info

Kambal Pandesal Franchise

The Filipinos love to eat. You will see snack businesses everywhere: on the sidewalks, in malls, inside transportation terminals, there are even those peddlers that sell food on the streets! One under-serviced food stuff that people love to eat is food -- pandesal, especially. Ahh, pandesal. That sweet, salty, crunchy delicious bread we  love to eat for breakfast when we … [Read more...]

Bioessence Franchise: Details and How to

Bioessence Franchise

When your body is tired and you need to relax, a trip to a spa is a great way to beautify, detoxify and relaxify (not a word, but it rhymes!) your tired body and soul. One of the most prolific beauty and spa chains in the Metro is Bioessence. Some of the services of Bioessence are: Facial – regular, purifying, thermalift, diamond peel Oxygen Facial Slimming- sauna, … [Read more...]

Big Better Burgers (BBB) Franchise Details

Big Better Burgers

Burgers have always been a part of the Filipino food. While originally a western food, burgers have enticed the Pinoy palate and rocked the Philippines. Burgers made bigger companies like Jolibee and McDonalds a success. Burgers with a specific niche (big, small, super tasty, spicy, etc.) have been becoming a trend in the years and Big Better Burgers is one company that stand … [Read more...]

How to Start Bread & Butter Bakeshop Franchise

Bread and Butter Bakeshop

Bread has always been the next in line when it comes to staple food for Filipinos. We just love to eat! We eat bread for snacks, some do eat bread for breakfast or even for dinner. We like it plain or even glazed with sugar and some frostings or more. Either way, we have loved bread next to rice. No wonder we could see plenty of bakeshops around. You may find investing in the … [Read more...]

How to Start: Binalot Franchise


When hunger pangs strike, we tend to look for the nearest food chain to alleviate our ordeal. From everywhere we turn our eyes into, we tend to see fast food chains mostly serving the same thing such as burgers, fries, pasta, bread etc. Even though we are living in a fast phased life style nowadays we need to be cautious of our health and be mindful of what we eat. Fast food … [Read more...]

How to Franchise PR Gaz

PR Gaz Franchise

We live to work or we work to live? What would you choose? Of course, most of us would want to claim that we work to live but working is not the only means to survive. Most of us are dreaming of becoming their own boss and you can only gain that by having your own business.   Setting up a new business venture is already a painstaking task to begin with. Luckily, there are … [Read more...]

Hot to Start an AMA Computer College Franchise?

Ama Computer COllege Franchise

Venturing into the business industry is difficult and confusing at times. With a wide selection of options to choose from, it’s really difficult to pin point which concept would generate more income. The novice businessman would analyze the market and would turn to the essential necessities of life such as food, clothing, shelter or medicine as these are naturally creating … [Read more...]

How to Franchise: Sisig Republic

Sisig Republic

Who can resist the alluring sisig? Sisig is one of the favorite pulutan or even ulam of Pinoys of this generation. Why is sisig so popular? Sisig is believed to have originated as a Pampangan delicacy which is often served when there is a drinking session or commonly known as “inuman”.   Sisig is such a flavorful dish, no wonder Pinoy has learned to pair it with rice in other … [Read more...]

Best 5 Siomai Food Cart Franchises in the Philippines


When it comes to the business ventures, the latest craze nowadays is franchising. Why franchising? With franchising, you need not to have a hard time introducing your business concept to the market because the name is already established for quite some time. Advertisements are already out and you need not to be a marketing expert to exert more efforts on making your name known … [Read more...]