Potato Corner Franchise


Potato Corner Franchise: The Potatoest Potatoes Just Around the Corner Potato Corner is the number one food cart business in the Philippines who really understands the Filipino taste buds. Potato Corner had been operating since 1992, and as the years go on Potato Corner became known to people in the cities and even all through out the country. Potato Corner manage to … [Read more...]

Top 10 Philippine Franchises


Top 10 Franchises in the Philippines July 6, 2010 The Franchise Awards of Entrepreneur Philippines was held. This event was held at the A. Venue Hotel Suites in Makati. There are so many Entrepreneurs attended and witness this event. If you are still looking for a Franchise Business you want to buy, this list of top franchise companies who receives several awards for each … [Read more...]

Red Ribbon Franchise


Red Ribbon Franchise: From Passion to Success It all started as a simple hobby of baking that turned out to be a successful business. In 1979 red ribbon had its first store in Timog, Quezon City. Today Red Ribbon managed to have more than 200 outlets in the Philippines and over 38 outlets scattered in the United States. September 1999, Red Ribbon opened its door for … [Read more...]

Filipinos Go Hand In Hand in Commercial Trading through Business Franchising

franchising business philippines

The Philippines soar high with its franchising business systems bloating to almost 430% within 10 years. What’s with this popular trend that inclines business-minded Filipinos toward engaging in one, two, and more? Partnership. The key point of franchising is its assurance of hand-in-hand business venture. People from big companies become the captain leading simple … [Read more...]

Burger Franchise – Buy One Take One – Burgeroo


It is a really popular trend, a customer buys one, and they get another for free. Almost any business does it, from ukay-ukay clothes, to shoes, to computer peripherals. But the most popular buy one take one today is food. Buy one take one burger, to be exact. From the very big and popular Burger Machine or Minute Burger, to the small scale food kiosks, buy 1 take 1 burger … [Read more...]

What if I Lose Money?


When talking to clients, God knows I LOVE questions. Nothing shouts interest more than a question, or two, or ten. But there is one particular question that I dislike addressing and that is, "What if I lose money?" and follow up questions about that topic. So I will discus this one once and for all. When you lose money, it is your responsibility. Business is a risk, and … [Read more...]

Making Franchising Expos Work for You


Article Source: Franchise Talk Magazine, Francorp, the Franchising Leader For over 36 years, Francorp has been in the business of teaching companies to run and sell franchises. To date, Francorp, with 2 offices worldwide has sold thousands of franchises all over the globe, including in the Philippines where it has launched over 350 franchises that account for 24% of the … [Read more...]

What Are the Advantages of Franchising?


Today I am going to discuss the advantages of franchising. Perhaps the biggest advantage of franchising is that you are riding in an already successful business system. This is the reason why the franchising industry has a really low failure rate (around 10%). Everything is set, you just have to follow directions. Along with this successful business model is the brand … [Read more...]

Avoiding Pilferage in Food Inventory


This time we will handle control on food items, like those buns, burger patties, condiments, etc. It is relatively easy to control and account for the packed inventory, like bread, siomai portions or noodle packs because they are separated into portions, which can be easily counted. Like I said before from my last post about beverage inventory control, you just charge the … [Read more...]

Avoiding Pilferage in Beverages


This post will cover basic control of inventory, and we will tackle drinks. Beverages will most likely to increase your income to 200% if proper control is made. Why not? People can go to your food cart and just buy a can of soda and ignore the food. But rarely a customer will eat and don't buy drinks. However, drinks are also a double edged sword. It can make you lose … [Read more...]