Master Siomai Franchise – The Siomai King


Master Siomai Franchise: Siomai king When you think of siomai the first thing that will cross your mind is Master Siomai. The name itself denotes that it is one of the most popular Chinese snack product which is a favorite of the Filipinos. Master Siomai though is the first and original Japanese siomai that became very popular in the whole country. Being the trend setter in … [Read more...]

Siomai Franchise Philippines – Emperor’s Siomai


Siomai could be one of the best cuisine the Chinese had given us. These small but super tasty treat has been a favourite merienda of both the young and the old, and is consumed as a snack in the morning, afternoon, even at midnight. With this craze comes the boom of siomai franchise business in the Philippines. Much like burger franchises, these businesses sprout in almost … [Read more...]