Fruit Juices and Fruit Shakes Franchises!

fruit juice and fruit shake franchise

Juice is one of the popular and well-liked beverages to go with breakfast, lunch or dinner. Juices are saleable and still marketable as most people crave something to refresh themselves. Juice is something to be prepared by squeezing or blending without the use of heat. Juice may be prepared even at home manually or with the use of electric juicers. There are many filtered … [Read more...]

Ice Monster Franchise

ice monster 1

Ice Monster Franchise: A Monster You Will Surely Love Ice monster offers you a unique ice dessert that will surely give you a monstrous experience to enjoy. They started their journey in manila around 2003, and since then they had been consistently growing their store numbers. Ice Monster has been a popular ice dessert to many customers because of its uniqueness. Their ice … [Read more...]

Fruitas Fruit Shakes Franchise: Fresh From Babot’s Farm!


Fruitas Franchise: Fruitas Group of Companies Their vision is “ …to be as Big as the Creator would allow us to be”. This vision seems to be right, humble yet they are successful. Their journey towards their success is made achievable because of their standards, integrity, hard work, dedication, compassion and education. Without these aspects Fruitas will not be as big as they … [Read more...]

Pearl Shakes Franchise – Rainbow Juicer

Pearl shakes, like the famous Zagu or Orbitz Franchise, are one of the most popular franchises of all time.  Black sago is gulped together with cool shake creating a fun way to beat the heat. (Hey, that rhymes!) However, one of the most common problems in availing such business, is... you guessed it. Capital. These types of pearl shake franchises range from Php200,000.00 to … [Read more...]