Avoiding Pilferage in Food Inventory


This time we will handle control on food items, like those buns, burger patties, condiments, etc. It is relatively easy to control and account for the packed inventory, like bread, siomai portions or noodle packs because they are separated into portions, which can be easily counted. Like I said before from my last post about beverage inventory control, you just charge the … [Read more...]

Avoiding Pilferage in Beverages


This post will cover basic control of inventory, and we will tackle drinks. Beverages will most likely to increase your income to 200% if proper control is made. Why not? People can go to your food cart and just buy a can of soda and ignore the food. But rarely a customer will eat and don't buy drinks. However, drinks are also a double edged sword. It can make you lose … [Read more...]