EC Gas Franchise Details

EC Gas

Safety comes first in the family.  We all know that there are plenty of household accidents that resulted to that catastrophic occurrence due to faulty gas tanks that have exploded or leaked.  Every household are fearful of this unfavorable accidents.  Prevention of having accidents to happen in the home due to gas tank problems is the aim of each family, so if there is a … [Read more...]

Mr. Softy Ice Cream Franchise Details

Mr. Softy Ice Ceam

Mr. Softy Ice cream started from a simple family get together in Marikina.  The brother in law of Victorino Perea who is based in the US sent them a soft ice cream maker.  Everyone in the family loved the soft ice cream and they began to share it with their friends and neighbors and when they kept asking for more, the family has decided to turn it into business. History of Mr. … [Read more...]

Selecta Ice Cream Distributorship Details

Selecta Distributorship

Stressed when spelled backwards is dessert.  If you would make a survey right now and ask the people around about their favorite dessert or comfort food, you may probably get a unanimous answer and that would be ice cream.  In the Philippines, when you say ice cream, a certain brand would come to mind and that is Selecta.  It maybe because of their jingle that can brainwash you … [Read more...]

Bigasan Ko Rice Retailing Franchise

Bigasan Ko Franchise

Rice is the favorite staple food of Filipinos.  We just can’t literally get through the day without eating at least one rice meal.  Since rice is one of the necessities of every Filipino, looking for a business venture that deals with such would be a great idea after all.  Bigasanko rice retailing is different among the rest of the rice retailing industries because of the … [Read more...]

Aquabest Water Filtration Franchise

Aquabest Water Franchise

Clean drinking water is a necessity to live a decent life. That is why water refilling stations have been popping out like mushrooms in the metro because clean water is getting harder and harder to find. With people lining up to get their containers filled with clean water, don’t you think that a water refilling station is a great investment? Yes it is and thankfully, … [Read more...]

Dairy Queen Ice Cream Franchise Details

DQ Franchise

Whenever you hear someone say Blizzard, Dilly bars, ice cream cake and soft served ice cream, what would come to your mind?  If you would ask me, I would instantly have two letters in my head popping and those are D and Q which stands for Dairy Queen.  I am a big fan of ice cream sandwiches and for me nothing beats the DQ ice cream sandwich.  Good news for the DQ lovers like … [Read more...]

How to Franchise Reyes Hair Cutters Salon

Reyes Haircutters

Reyes Hair Cutters Salon won Agora Award for “Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship” in 2005, in the following year RHC has unlocked another achievement as the “Most Outstanding Filipino Franchise” by Franchise Association. The salon has been remarkable to every Filipino due to its affordable service fees plus the prices in each hair and beauty treatments are also … [Read more...]

How to Franchise Adobo Connection

Adobo COnnection

For homey and gratification dining experience in Metropolitan, Adobo Connection has become fastest food franchise dedicated to the national dish of the Philippines. The prices start at Php49.00, the company assures that each diner will definitely enjoy mouth-watering meals being offered at the lowest price. Due to public demand, it now has branches in California, U.S.A and … [Read more...]

How to Franchise Lay Bar Waxing Salon

Lay Bare

In our generation today where technology has the greatest impact to our daily lives both in leisure and business, people tend to be conscious on how they wear clothes and to maintain their vibrant skin. Aiming to help the environment by using all-natural ingredients and to raise awareness in beauty and wellness with the best value for money to clients, Lay Bare Waxing Salon … [Read more...]

How to Franchise Aboy’s Restaurant


A haven for food enthusiasts and travelers, Aboy’s Restaurant is one of the most visited places to dine when in Bacolod City. It captures the heart of every local and foreign tourists of the province, until now the prices they offer are affordable and reasonable enough to taste the secrets of their success. It offers a wide array of food on the menu such as: Main Course, … [Read more...]