2-in-1 Food Cart Franchise

%Franchising Philippines


%Franchising Philippines

What if during on business hours, a group of students come to your siomai food cart – and half of them were craving for a buko shake but you do not have it…? That is a waste of profit and that, my friend is called opportunity loss.

You do not have to buy one more food cart for it, you would just have to get a 2-in-1 food cart (or 3-in-1 if you want to be sure)!

Great things come in pairs —  puto at dinuguan, Jack and Jill, even a pair of comfy socks! So why not upgrade your food cart to a 2-in-1 kiosk and make better profit?



A 2-in-1 food cart starts@ P40to 50,000 to franchise and it includes the following:

  • 2 in 1 food cart
  • 2 sets of complete equipment
  • Initial product worth P2,000
  • Franchise Seminar
  • Crew Training
  • 2 sets of (T- Shirt)
  • Retailership activation of Loading Business

You can include any two from the following food cart concepts in your 2-in-1 food cart franchise:

  1. Burp! Rice Meal
  2. Burger Stop
  3. Boss Sisig
  4. Buko Factory
  5. Mix-n’-Fries
  6. Waffles Delight
  7. Ice Crumble
  8. What’s Shakin’
  9. Kool Ka Lang

Remember, our food cart franchises are three years to operate, with no royalties. Furthermore, these are renewable and we deliver anywhere in the Metro Manila for free, provided you hit the minimum amount every order!

Interested in franchising? Call or text me, Mr. Tristan @ 09499972044, 09156385699  You can also comment through the form below and I will answer through email (with in 24 hours).

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