Fitrepreneur Franchise Offers 60% off on Joshawarma!

NOTE: Promo is over. Thank you for to those who took action.

Because of the the success of the buy 1 take 1 promo, Filtrepreneur franchise has decided to take on a new promo: a 60% off on Joshawarma franchise! From Php68,888.00 down to Php28,888.00! How cool is that? If you missed out on the buy 1 take 1 promo, then do not let this slip out from your fingers!

Check out Joshawarma here!

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  1. Grace V Macaraig says

    Goodafternoon po, im interested in franchising josh shawarma, please email me detail and contact number so i cud call you, thankyou po…

  2. Erick says

    Good afternoon,

    I would like to have the opportunity to franchise your JOSWARMA AND JOPAY SIOMAI. can you give the full detail how to franchise, payments, discount (if still there is)etc.

    Thanks a lot


  3. Susan Obay says

    Hi Iam interested to franchise Joshawarman. Please give me a full details on how to apply for a franchise? until when is your promo regarding 60% off on joshawarma franchise? who will choose the location? Thank you.

  4. Jennifer Galang says

    Hi is that joshawarma is still promo..? please can you send some details how can i franchise that..
    I’m in aboard at the moment and going back to Pinas by Feb..
    Please let me know what are the requirements and possibly can do to get franchise in short time. I have only 2 weeks in Pinas.. so please send me the details.


  5. anna marie nuqui says

    im very much interested to avail the 60% discount on joshawarma, until when is the promo? pls sms me at 09222265454, thanks!

  6. neil says

    hello.. i’m interested on joshawarma.. Is this available in iloilo city? Is this still have a 60% discount. how can I contact you? pls reply… urgent…

  7. patrick soberano says

    hi is 60% off on your joshawarma franchise still available?hope to hear from you as soon as possible.very much interested for the said franchise.thank you

  8. cathe says

    Hi.. good pm.. i am interested to apply for a to apply im here in cebu city? how much all in all talaga yung magagasto pag complete na, yung makakaoperate kana? hope to hear from you soon..thanks.

  9. Lorena M. Slipka says

    Hi.. good pm.. i am interested to apply for a franchise.. pwede ba itong joshawarma sa 2-in-1 combo ninyo?… the picture showed a big cart.,.. is that the one for 28888 or that is for the [price of a mall cart?… pls advise.. thanks much…

  10. chino says

    is the actual photo of josh which was the 68K is same as the 28,888.00 am afraid that the cart size will be a little smaller..pls give me the exACT answer pls.

  11. says

    are there any other promos aside from joshawarma? I am not inclined with shawarma since i think a skilled staff is needed in the preparation and selling of this.

    thank you very much.

  12. Ma. Luisa M. Barretto says

    Where can I go to apply for a franchise? Who will choose the location? What about training? I hope to hear from you soonest. Thanks.

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