Bioessence FranchiseWhen your body is tired and you need to relax, a trip to a spa is a great way to beautify, detoxify and relaxify (not a word, but it rhymes!) your tired body and soul. One of the most prolific beauty and spa chains in the Metro is Bioessence.

Some of the services of Bioessence are:

  • Facial – regular, purifying, thermalift, diamond peel
  • Oxygen Facial
  • Slimming- sauna, faradic, byowrap
  • Spa Services – body scrub, aromatic foot spa, body polish
  • Massage – shiatsu, Swedish, hot stone, candle, foot reflexology
  • Dermatological – painless wart removal, collagen renewal skin therapy

The History of Bioessence

Bioessence started in Davao in 1994, with a humble start of just a three-bed clinic. Bioessence soared in the market of beauty and slimming because of the high quality of services they provide. Now, Bioessence not only offers slimming but other products like soaps, whitening treatment, food supplements and essential oils.

Bioessence has boomed and is now synonymous to beauty here in the Philippines. Bioessence ensures not only that the stores and franchisees are profiting, but also the quality of the services the customers get.

How to Franchise Bioessence?

The first step is to fill up the application form found on their website and submit it together with a letter of intent.

Second, a meeting will be arranged with the aspiring franchisee to discuss the franchise package,w hat is needed and what is to be expected from the franchisee.

Third, the Bioessence will evaluate prospective site of the franchisee and make recommendations.

Fourth, the franchisee would have to wait for background check.

Lastly, when the franchise is approved, franchise fee will be paid and franchise will be awarded.

The franchise fee for Bioessence is P4,000.000.00 for a single unit of franchise. Bioessence also offers these franchise brands to choose from:

  • Bioessence
  • Bioessence Serenity Spa
  • Slimzone
  • Facial Zone
  • Suay Thai

Why Franchise With Bioessence?

Firstly, Bioessence prides itself to be the brand of high quality service in the world of spa and relaxation, slimming and beauty. The word, “Bioessence” has brand recall and is known by many Filipinoes, especially in the urban areas.

Bioessence will help in finding a good spot to start a Bioessence business, as well as help with the design of the shop and give support and assistance on opening.

Bioessence has a system of doing business and they will reveal it to you via their business manual. Training of staff and franchisee are up-to-date and support for those who have franchised their business get on-going support. Bioessence will trat each and every franchisee like they were a company-owned branch.

Bioessence is adamant at keeping and getting new clients for its franchisees, so the company always innovates new promotions and marketing strategies to gather more customers.

Want to Start a Bioessence Franchise?

If you want to start your journey into the world of beauty business, you can contact them via the information below.

Facebook Page:
Phone Nos.: (02)372-9910, (02)415-0522, (02)372-9919, (02)374-6313 loc. 103, (02)376-3743
Fax Nos.: (02)372-9910, (02)415-0522
Contact Person: Ms. Agnes Caisip, Franchise Manager

Address: 67 West Avenue, West Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines