Aristocrat Restaurant Franchise Philippines

%Franchising Philippines The Aristocrat Restaurant Franchise is looking for business partners as they engage in an expansion program for the continuity of a legacy that is simply Aristocrat. The company has opened its doors to qualified entrepreneurs within Greater Manila Area to be a part of a name that is known for its scrumptious recipes for decades.

Company Background

Aristocrat Restaurant was started by a hardworking and simple couple in the 1930’s. The first kiosk was named Lapu Lapu after the first Filipino hero. It was located across a school and served a selection of food that the students found so delicious. They served banana fritters (turon), dinuguan at puto,pancit luglug, arrozcaldo, lumpiang ubod, among others. What was once a small restaurant business has become one of the Philippines’ most popular eating place known for its delectable menu and quality service.

Types of Franchise Available

  1. individual
  2. multi-store

%Franchising PhilippinesFranchise Package Cost

  1. Franchise Fee – P2,000,000.00 ( VAT exclusive)
  2. Total investment ranges from P10,000,000.00 up to P20,000,000.00 depending on:
  3. Type of store – mall, strip mall, free standing
  4. Size of store
  5. 5% of gross sales from operating the business for continuous service or “royalty” fee.
  6. 1% of gross sales per month for local advertising
  7. 2% of gross sales for corporate advertising and development fund

Franchise Package Inclusions

  1. Intensive and comprehensive training program for the management, franchisee, and staff
  2. A copy of the Operations Manual
  3. Complete business opening assistance
  4. Continued use of the Aristocrat restaurant name and trademarks
  5. Access to operating systems, marketing assistance, ongoing business development, and other benefits that come with being an Aristocrat franchisee.

Other Franchise Package Provisions

  1. The Franchisee will be in charge of hiring his own staff with guidance and assistance from The Aristocrat Franchise Corporation on personnel qualifications.
  2. The Aristocrat Franchise Corporation will provide assistance in the construction and architectural design of the store through its accredited contractors. Should the Franchisee choose to hire his own architect or contractor, they have to go through the accreditation process before they become authorized to build an Aristocrat Restaurant.
  3. Periodic visits will be conducted by a franchisor representative who will provide regular operations guidance and quality control.
  4. The franchise agreement is good for five (5) years, and is renewable twice for a total of fifteen (15) years.

Payback Period

Payback period ideally is 2.8 to 3.6 years, of course depending on total sales and store locations.

Site selection

  1. Space must be at least 250 square meters for mall stores, 250-300 square meters for strip malls, and 300-500 square meters for free standing stores with provision for parking space.
  2. Site must cater to the Aristocrat market.
  3. Site must be located in high traffic, commercial and residential areas.

Franchise application procedure

  1. Send the following documents to The Aristocrat Franchise Corporation
  2. Letter of Intent
  3. Completed Franchise Evaluation Form
  4. Location or vicinity map of proposed site
  5. If the applicant has potential, he/she will be invited for an interview.
  6. The proposed site will be evaluated.
  7. Follow up meetings to discuss the agreement.
  8. If all the requirements were met, franchise will be awarded.

Contact Details

If you’re interested in getting the Aristocrat Franchise, you may reach them through their following contact details:

  • Website:
  • Email:,,
  • Phone No.: (02)524-7671 to 80 loc. 247
  • Fax No.: (02)523-0136
  • Address: The Aristocrat Franchise Corporation, 432 San Andres St. cor. Roxas Blvd., Malate, Manila, Philippines

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  1. Nancy Gutierrez Limbo says

    The reason why I choose Aristicrat restaurant is that ever since I was a little girl, way back in the 1960’s is my favorite restaurant and every time we go to Manila we make sure we stop by and eat at aristocrat
    The food was sooo good!
    And there is no goo restaurant in binakayan
    In the vicinity of binakayan, there’s a lot of fast food chain and no fine dining restaurant only the island cove
    Hope My email will go to the right department
    Thanks again

  2. Nancy Gutierrez Limbo says

    I am not interested in franchising
    I have a property in the Philippines, a commercial area
    1,083 square feet
    In binakayan,kawit, cavite in the corner of bisita street going to Imus and balsahan street going to Manila(near Island cove )
    I want my property to be lease by aristocrat
    I am just wondering if aristocrat is looking for a place to branch out
    Please send me an email to nancy.limbo
    Looking forward to hear from you
    Thanks for your time

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