Lemon Co. Franchise: Lemonade Food Cart

The Philippine weather is so hot, that any business that caters to quenching the thirst and keeping the temperature down is a great way to earn money. Just look at the numerous stalls of shakes, palamig, gulaman and juices that have customers teeming with them! The problem with these kind of business is they are too common and too plentiful. What are our other … [Read more...]

Amigo Mango: Mango Shakes, Smoothies and Desserts Kiosk

Mango is the Philippine's national fruit for a reason: it tastes super delicious, is plentiful and is liked my many. We love anything mango, from shakes, to smoothies, desserts (mango floats and cakes for the win!) and even dishes that include the yummy fruit (sinigang sa manggang hilaw will make you forget your name). With the hot days of the Philippines and the sweet, … [Read more...]

Top 5 Rice Franchises in the Philippines

Philippines is the number one rice supplier in the world in the late 60s until the 70s until we are not anymore, which is terribly sad, since we are the ones who taught our neighbors in Asia about rice planting and now we are importing from them, because the calamities we experience every year destroys our rice yield. And as you know, we can't live without rice at our tables, … [Read more...]

Top 5 Clothing Franchises in the Philippines

The Filipino people are simple people, but they are also fashionista in so many little and sophisticated ways. There are many trend worldwide, especially of the Western region that the country is religiously following, and as the times change, so does the face of the Philippine fashion. From conservative outfit, the liberal ones have invaded the store today and if the fashion … [Read more...]

Top 4 Siopao Franchises in the Philippines

Remember how everyone goes crazy over the F4 from Meteor Garden? Don’t worry, all of us have been there, but even if more than a decade have passed now, echoes of Meteor Garden are still here to stay, and their legacy still continues, including making siopao a thing in the country. Sure, there are a lot of Chinese restaurants in the parts of Manila, but then the cravings for … [Read more...]

Top 5 Pearl Shakes Franchises in the Philippines

The Filipino people are living in a hot climate and being a tropical country is really difficult because most cannot even afford to have air-conditioning at home. Thus, the common Filipino would find a way to bring down the increased body temperature by consuming cold products, such as pearl shake, and then going into the malls as a shield from the humidity outside. Thus, … [Read more...]

Top 5 Ice Cream Franchises in the Philippines

Everyone knows how much of an inferno the Philippines could become during summer and the Filipino people are all doing all they can in order to alleviate the increased heat index and imminent illness that can come with the heat. This is why ice cream products are very popular in the country and you can easily hear a vendor selling ice cream around the neighborhood, because even … [Read more...]

Signs An Employee is Not a Good Match for His Job

There are clear signs when employees are having difficult times adjusting to work situations. Whether they can easily cope with these difficulties or not which depend largely on the seriousness of the matter, their performance ultimately suffers. Worse, struggling employees may be permanently forced to quit their jobs. When faced with such kind of dilemma, there must be a … [Read more...]

Top 4 Frappe Franchises in the Philippines

Filipino people are coffee lovers. Remember how everyone keeps drinking hot coffee even though the country is naturally hot, even on rainy season, which is because they cannot help themselves, but take that cup of coffee. It is like Great Britain with their addiction to teas, teas, and more teas. For us Pinoys, coffee is life. No wonder the coffee and frappe industry is … [Read more...]

Top 5 Cafe Franchises in the Philippines

Upon the entry of Starbucks in the Philippines, the coffee lover inside of all Filipinos has been fully awakened and spurred on forward, thus, the coffee businesses have been and continue to thrive in business success, because coffee shops are in demand. Busy neighborhoods always have one or two coffee shops in sight and it is always, always full of people, not only because of … [Read more...]