Analysis: Marketing Like Magnum Ice Cream

Borgy's question may seem irrelevant, but it provoked me to write an article that is super relevant in making a business fly high: What do you think about Magnum Ice Cream? hehehe - Borgy   Trick question? :) Magnum Ice Cream, while expensive at Php55.00 as compared to Cornetto or Drumstick which are sold at Php25.00, is being sold out left and right from every … [Read more...]

Are Malls the Best Location for Food Carts?

Today's question comes from Erik (not his real name) and he asks: I just came from a franchise presentation from a food cart company and the sales assistant said that as a beginning entrepreneur, I should not target malls as my location. Why so?   Good question. I actually agree with the sales assistant. If you are a first-time entrepreneur, then food cart … [Read more...]

How to Deal with Ineffective Franchisors

I recently got an email from a reader of this blog: Greetings. I find your articles very helpful especially about having sound inventory. I recently acquired a franchise package. I have read a book and some articles on franchising before getting into our contract with the franchisor. I was hoping that with the readings I had had I would be more prepared to get into the … [Read more...]