Kettle KornPop corn! When it comes to chilling in front of the TV, going to the movies or even just sitting on a bench, there is no tastier snack than pop corn. Pop corn can come in different delicious flavors, like sweet caramel, cheese or barbecue, but I personally like the Kettle Corn style where the pop corn is flavored with just sugar, salt and butter. Sinfully delicious!

If you want a really low business start up that looks and feels like a franchise but does not entail the high costs of starting one, you might want to start a Kettle Korn dealership.

About Kettle Korn

Kettle Korn is found everywhere: in malls, in MRT stations, near movie houses. Pop corn has been one of the favorite snacks of Filipinos, so there is no wonder a pop corn business would be one of the best business ides ever.

Kettle Korn has seven different flavors to choose from, inclusing: salted caramel, butterlicious, cheese, barbecue among others.

The Kettle Korn Business Package

Kettle Korn Dealership:  P2,250 and P15,000.00.

The P2,250 package includes a 33% discount on all future purchases and starter products. This is a great investment for those who already own a small grocery, sari-sari store or those who already has a small kiosk but no products.

The P15,000.00 is the ype you commonly see at malls. It includes everything in the first package, plus a small kiosk, crew uniform and equipment.

What are the advantages of starting a Kettle Korn business?

Kettle Korn is a reognized brand. When a a person is asked what thier favorite brand of popcorn is, they will surely say, Kettle Korn. It is a no-brainer that Kettle Korn will be popular once they know you hold a stock of these delicious snack.

Kettle Korn is a supportive company that will teach you how to do business. They won’t last years of being on top if they were not good.

The Fanpage of Kettle Korn is super active, meaning there is a huge following and a great marketing team. The page is full of share-worthy updates and cute memes, creating tons of engagement from fans from Facebook.

Starting a Kettle Korn business is very cheap. With just P2,250, you can start one. That is next to nothing, folks!

Want to Start a Kettle Korn Business? Here are Some Contact Details!

  • Facebook:
  • Tel: (02) 633-5542; Fax: (02) 634-0532
  • Mobile: 0928-3297777; 0915-5187013
  • Kettle Foods Corporation,7/F RFM Corporate Center,Pioneer cor. Sheridan St., Mandaluyong City