Pearl Shakes Franchise – Rainbow Juicer

Pearl shakes, like the famous Zagu or Orbitz Franchise, are one of the most popular franchises of all time.  Black sago is gulped together with cool shake creating a fun way to beat the heat. (Hey, that rhymes!)

However, one of the most common problems in availing such business, is… you guessed it. Capital. These types of pearl shake franchises range from Php200,000.00 to 350,000.00 which is not commonly found in the wallets of the average pinoy.

%Franchising PhilippinesNot anymore. Filtrepreneur Franchise introduces Rainbow Juicers, a food kiosk franchise that will change the people’s impression of franchising a pearl shake business. For only Php42,888.oo, the franchisee is given a complete set of equipment and utensils which include:
– an electric ice crusher
– five accrylic juice containers
– starter products worth Php450.00
– crew uniform
– unlimited training

What’s better is, Filtrepreneur Franchise doesn’t charge royalty for letting franchisees use the company system and brand.

Interested to start a pearl shake franchise business? Ask our resident expert how by clicking here or by commenting on the form below!

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  1. Abraham D. Golez says

    Good day, I’m interested to have this franchise “Rainbow Juicer”. Please send me full details and contact numbers.

    Many thanks,

  2. Roselie C. Ladines says

    Hi. I am interested to franchise with your business. Do you have any contact no. so that i can ask my inquiries…tnx.

  3. Maria Isabel Andal says

    1. How much would be the initial amount I should buy your product?
    2. How are the distribution and replenishment of food stocks handled, by delivery or by pick up?
    3. Will the carts require an electrical hook up?
    4. Do the carts have a refrigerator to keep the food from spoiling?
    5. Is the operator allowed to sell sodas or other drinks?
    6. Will the operator need a business license?
    7. Are the sale prices set by the franchise or by the cart owner? What are the SRPs?
    8. After purchasing the food stocks, are the profits kept by the cart owner or shared with the corporate franchise office?
    9. Does the cart require propane gas or is the cooking equipment electric?
    10. Would the company assist in establishing the requirements in putting up the store such as permits and location arrangement?
    11.Other fees aside from franchise fees?
    12. Requirements and terms of payments?

  4. gladys jane castro says

    hi! im interested to have a business, can u pls send me a requirements and everything what i need.. And how can i starts here in pangasinan?

  5. Eds says

    hi im interested to have a business,can u send me a req and send me everything what i need and cost ASAP… thanks…

  6. Diane says

    Hello!:) I would like to know the details and requirements for this franchise. Please send the info to my email. Thanks!:)

  7. neyjesa says


    Good Morning

    Can you please send me the details on how to frnachise? and how much the costs of franchising?


    I also want to try this food cart business, what do I need to begin with…including the paper requirements…thanks and God bless

  9. gilbert says

    Please send me the things i need to start this kind of business and quotation. I kinna interested with this…. Thanx a lot and waiting for your reply the soonest.

  10. gemwell says

    hi im interested to have a business,can u send me a req and send me everything what i need and cost..thank u

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