French Fries and the French Fries Franchise Business

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The long, thin, deep-fried strips of potato which is popularly called as French fries, is everyone’s well-loved finger food. The term ‘French fries’ was coined when the former US president, Thomas Jefferson had his potatoes served in the French manner at the White House dinner in 1802. Since then, the term ‘French fries’ was first occurred in print in English in 1856. Though it … [Read more...]

Common Mistakes of Beginning Entrepreneurs

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Common mistakes of beginning entrepreneurs An entrepreneur is still a way different from a business man, though they seem to be alike. An entrepreneur creates, while a business man just sells. Creativity is the word. They differ in a sense of being creative. Once you become an entrepreneur, you must stand as an entrepreneur. There are lots of entrepreneurs who have failed in … [Read more...]

Minute Burger Food Kiosk Franchise

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Minute Burger Franchise: Serving the Best Tasting Burgers for More than 20 Years They have been serving us the best tasting burgers for more than two decades now, and still their quality is as best as ever. They have more than 350 stores with 100 franchised stores all over the country and their number is continuously growing. Minute Burger has been developing and making the … [Read more...]