The long, thin, deep-fried strips of potato which is popularly called as French fries, is everyone’s well-loved finger food. The term ‘French fries’ was coined when the former US president, Thomas Jefferson had his potatoes served in the French manner at the White House dinner in 1802. Since then, the term ‘French fries’ was first occurred in print in English in 1856. Though it is called French fries, the irony is that it was not originated in France at all. The Belgians are regarded for claiming that French fries are in fact Belgian in origin. In 1967, Ray Kroc of McDonald’s began to sell French fries replacing fresh cut potatoes. There are many variants of French fries available such as steak fries, potato tornado, shoestring fries, potato wedges, mojos, curly/twister fries, hand-cut fries, crinkles fries, and hash browns. Delightful toppings may include salsa, cheesy, gravy, tomato ketchup, chilli, or whatever you wish to add on it. French fries, having been coated with oil, are sometimes cooked in the oven as a final step in the preparation. It is advisable that we must use vegetable, canola, or sunflower oil when frying French fries as it is more beneficial to one’s health. Many food service establishments advertise their use of unsaturated oils because they believe that replacing animal fats with partially hydrogenated oil reduces cholesterol. French fries are very tasty finger food however limit of your consumption as this is not that considered a healthy choice.

Have you ever thought of putting up a food stall or kiosk that sells a wide array of French fries?

Nowadays, French fries franchise is very prevalent and in fact, most of entrepreneurs and beginning entrepreneurs are opting for this type of food concept. French fries are obviously a fun snack that everyone would definitely buy. Notice people who wander around the malls, you never see them empty-handed, right? They can’t help nipping to food stalls to buy cheap thrills that would satisfy their tummy. This type of food is awesome for business because it does not require too much recipe or ingredients.

For would-be entrepreneurs, there are franchise companies that would really fit to your budget. I believe you are very much familiar to these stalls commonly seen in the malls. Potato Madness, Potato Corner, Potato King, NY Fries and Dips, and Patatas Pries of Filtrepreneur Franchise Inc. Franchise from giant companies such as McDonald’s, Jollibee, Greenwich, etc. would require you more documents and overwhelming fees.