IM000877.JPGAs an essential and fundamental means to secure a child’s future, many parents would want to  have their children receive education besides the knowledge they receive from school. Tutorial centers are a big business right now because of this. The establishments that teach children techniques to do advanced Math or many life hacks a child can use.

About Kumon Franchise

Toru Kumon started the Kumon method of learning originally for his son, in 1954 when he was still working as a Mathematics professor. The focus of his education was to build up the mathematics ability of a child slowly by creating unique Math techniques that one can do dynamically, all alone. This was the mastery of count, which when mastered, empowers a child to apply more advanced Mathematical principles confidently.

Now, the Kumon franchise is recognized in 48 countries, and in the Philippines, accounts for more than 4.26 million students. Through the years, the Kumon method has remained consistent, as it gave consistent results.

The services offered by Kumon are:

Math Program

This is the main focus of Kumon. It concentrates on creating solid estimation skills for the child, which is the foundation for more advanced techniques. Math program vary, from very basic number checking to Calculus.

Reading Program

In addition to the main focus, reading program improves the student’s ability to read by increasing the enthusiam of a child to reading  even past the regular schooling.

How to Franchise Kumon: Franchise Fee and Requirements

The franchise fee for a Kumon Learning Center is P60,480.00. The total investment, however should range from P600k to 800k. The franchise fee includes the following:

  • Complete preparation and training pre and post opening the Kumon Center
  • Seminars held monthly
  • Conference held both local and overseas
  • Instructional training and marketing support
  • Area managers’ assistance and regular visits

How to Franchise Kumon: The Steps

  1. The aspiring franchisee should attend the orientation held at the main office.
  2. A reading and Math test will be given to the aspiring franchisee. He or she will need to pass this test to be able to progress into the franchising process.
  3. An interview will be conducted by the franchise manager.
  4. Look for a suitable location for his Kumon Learning Center
  5. Approval of the site. AFter getting approved, teh franchisee will need to attend the training program for instructors themselves.
  6. Build the Kumon Center
  7. Operate

Want to Start your Own Kumon Franchise?

You can contact the franchise managerthrough the following details.

Contact Person: Allan Aguirre, PR Group Leader

19th Floor, Philamlife Tower, 8767 Paseo de Roxas Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Telephone: +6328850226 local 197