Everyone knows how much of an inferno the Philippines could become during summer and the Filipino people are all doing all they can in order to alleviate the increased heat index and imminent illness that can come with the heat. This is why ice cream products are very popular in the country and you can easily hear a vendor selling ice cream around the neighborhood, because even during Christmas, it is still a little hot. Therefore, the “cold” market is always thriving in the country and this is also why malls are so popular because everyone is taking a refuge in the air-conditioned walls of the mall buildings. Take advantage of this and franchise an ice cream cart or store now!

Soft Ice Cream Food Cart

Another one of the franchising packages offered by the company Foodcartlink Services (FCL) and is a guaranteed success, because of how the expansion rapidly works and how customer retention remains high for a long time.

Franchise Information

This food cart franchise costs P114,000 and is inclusive of the following:

  • semi-high end built cart (not collapsible)
  • soft ice cream machine
  • utensils
  • initial inventory
  • crew uniform
  • video training and operations manual
  • costing and pricing
  • e-loading business (optional)
  • Food Cart Products
  • different flavors of soft ice cream
  • different dips and toppings
  • suggested retail price is about P7–P15 per serving

Contact Details



Landline: (02)340-0156

Sun: 0922-862-6154

Smart: 0921-951-3522

Globe: 0917-848-3522

Address: FoodcartLink Services, 3/F Rubetan Bldg. (ICC Las Piñas), #88 Alabang-Zapote Rd., Pamplona, Las Piñas City, Philippines.  (in front of Tuazon Village)


One of the most famous cold products today is the gelato, which originates from Italy and other parts of Europe. Fiorgelato is managed by Milkin Corporation and is a successful Filipino-Italian venture which caters to various people and establishment since 1989.

Franchise Information

There are three franchise type to choose from including the Kiosk Type, Counter type, and of course, Café type. There is no disclosed franchise fee or investment fee because it is negotiable, so make sure to strike a great deal with the management, but the following inclusions are standard:

  • 1 unit of Fiorgelato freezer
  • 1 set of glass canopy
  • 1 set of Fiorgelato or Fiorcafe logo and name lighted sign
  • 12 pieces of Tubs / gallons (ice cream containers) with aluminum casing
  • 1 set of menuboard with beam
  • 6 pieces of co-branding uniform
  • 1 set of merchandising materials
  • 4 pieces of tables
  • 16 pieces of chairs
  • 1 set of cabinet with sink and drawers
  • 2 units of blender
  • 2 sets of railings with post and logo sign
  • 1 set of smallwares
  • 1 unit of espresso machine
  • 1 unit of coffee grinder
  • 1 unit of coffee brewer with double decanter
  • 1 unit of waterpump for espresso machine
  • 1 unit of milk thermometer
  • 1 unit of display chiller
  • 1 unit of oven toaster
  • 1 unit of microwave
  • 1 unit of two door worktop chiller

Contact Details



Telephone No.: (02)524-0384

Fax No.: (02)524-0385

Address: Milkin Corporation, 1263 Gen. Luna St., Ermita, Manila, Philippines

Miguelitos Ice Cream

This is just started as a small family business in Paco Manila, around 2002, but it goes on to prove that nothing is impossible because it has managed to expand itself and is now up for franchising in order to support growth.

Franchise Information

There is a P300,000 franchise fee and is inclusive of the following:

  • Food Cart with Signage and Equipment
  • Initial Stocks for 2 days
  • Staff Uniform
  • Training Program for required employees
  • Manpower Recruitment
  • Store Grand Opening Assistance with Mascot Appearance (Complete with Flyers and Pastoral dedication)
  • Site Assistance (preferably mall location)

Miguelitos Ice Cream Franchise is renewable for another 3 years with a fee of P60,000.

Contact Details


Facebook Page:

Twitter Page:


Phone Nos.: (02)822-5028

Fax No.: (02)822-5028

Address: 8888 Marian Rd. 2 SMDP Parañaque City, Philippines

Softy Ice Cream

After an income-generating family gathering, the family decided to give it a try and turn the ice cream into a profit. With only 2 square meters of public space in the market and 9000 pesos of starting capital, they have managed to expand into 120 outlets nationwide and they achieve all of these in a matter of two years!


Franchise Information

Ice cream machine is optional since you may purchase from other sources.

  • SEA brand new machine :  Php 295,000.00
  • Reconditioned machine :  Php 180,000.00
  • Taylor brand new machine :  Php 265,000.00

Standard Cart/ Kiosk  –  Php 120,000.00

Initial Inventory/ Supplies  –  Php 30,000.00

Security Deposit  –  Php 50,000.00

Franchise Fee  –  Php 100,000.00

Total :  Php 300,000.00

Contact Details


#137 Katipunan St., Concepcion Uno,

Marikina City, Philippines

Telephone Nos.: (632) 998-2114 / 998-2077

Fax No.: (632) 941-8163


Frozo Soft Ice Cream

One of the products offered by LBT Food cart link services (LFS), this is an affordable ice cream cart for new entrepreneurs who wishes to try their hands on business. They have compelling designs that attracts customers and delectable ice cream that satisfies cravings for more.

Franchise Information

Frozo soft ice cream food cart package price: Php 139,900

Franchise package inclusion:

  • Semi-High-End Built Cart (not collapsible)
  • Soft Ice Cream Machine
  • Storage Box
  • Video Training and Operations Manual
  • Initial Inventory of products
  • Crew Uniform
  • Ice cream bell
  • Utensils and other equipment
  • Costing and Pricing: SRP: P7-15/serving
  • Optional e-Loading business to generate more profit
  • Different flavors of Frozo soft ice cream
  • Various dips and toppings

Contact Details


Food cart Link Services

2/F RFC Shoppers Plaza

Alabang – Zapote Rd. Pamplona, Las Pinas City

Telephone No.: (02) 340-0156

Mobile Nos.: 0922-862-6154, 0917-848-3522, 0921-951-3522