Top 5 Chicken Franchises in the Philippines


Do you know that the Filipino people consumes more chicken meat than any other meat? For every bacon that the United States of America is producing and consuming, we match this by eating fried chicken. There is really no saying how the country produce such a culture, but since it is this way, many companies have taken advantage and have done every gimmicks possible in order to … [Read more...]

Top 3 Salon Franchises in the Philippines


People will always stare, so you might as well give them something good to look at! Today that outer beauty if also given a large premium, people cannot afford to look unpresentable. This is why a salon business would be a great idea. The thing is, starting a salon is very hard to start from scratch. No worries, here are three salon franchises that we think will be the most … [Read more...]

How to Start a Krispy Kreme Franchise in the Philippines

Krispy Kreme Donuts

Those who has a sweet tooth know that donuts are very addictive! The beautiful colors of the sprinkles, teh delisoucs sweet dough and the glaze are always to die for. One of the most popular donut franchise in the Philippines is Krispy Kreme. Although it is an American brand, the Pinoys have started to embrace it. If you want to start a Krispy kreme Franchise, you should … [Read more...]

Top 3 Spa Franchises in the Philippines


Rest and relaxation is one of the biggest pleasures of most people, especially in the urban areas. After slaving all week, young professionals just want to lay on a massage table while their body is kneaded to release the stress and the toxins in the body. That is why building a spa business is a profitable venture indeed. The wellness industry is starting to boom and you … [Read more...]

Western Union: How to Become an Authorized Agent

Western Union Business

One of the biggest income sources of the Philippines is the OFW group. The remittances from abroad increases the supply of foreign currency which in turn turns up the foreign currency exchange in the country. the increase of OFWs also increase the profitability of money transfer outlets in the country. One of the biggest money remittance companies in Western Union.  You can … [Read more...]

3 Best Bakeshop Franchises in the Philippines

Julie's Bakeshop

The Filipino just love to eat! It is obvious because of the fact that most of the PInoy culture includes different kinds of food. The typical Pinoy merienda (or afternoon snack) always include a nice hot, steaming piece of bread, fresh from the bakery store! I can still remember the hot pandesal we used to buy when it is already 3pm, and we put some margarine (Dairy Creme!) … [Read more...]

How to Franchise Subway in the Philippines


Filipinos are prone to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia and the demand for healthy eating is also becoming more and more popular as these conditions are increasing in numbers. With this, healthy food and healthy lifestyle are surely the in business these days.  Food that is nutritious, quick and easy to prepare and most of all … [Read more...]

5 Home Business Ideas for Pinoys

Home Business for Pinoys

Making the ends meet during the hard times is quite difficult especially if you are living by the paycheck.  As we know, the increasing cost of living takes a toll on our income and we need to innovate ways in order to cope.  You can get through the rising cost of living by starting your own business.  There are home business ideas that you can start with in order to stretch … [Read more...]

How to Franchise Chatime


Thirst is one of the irritating feeling that we have whenever we get to experience it.  Beverages do come to the rescue and we do have tons of options in store.  Tea or cha in Chinese is one of the refreshing beverages that we cherish.  It can be enjoyed both hot and chilly too.  Milk teas have been a fad for quite some time already.  No wonder there are many milk tea shops … [Read more...]

Business Ideas With Small Capital

Small Business in the Philippines

Earning a living is such a hard task especially in our country where in the cost of living is rising continuously while your 9-5 job is on stagnant income stream.  To make the ends meet, some Filipinos opt to have a small business of their own so that they can stretch the power of their peso some more and gain more profits for their family.  If you are looking forward to have a … [Read more...]