There are clear signs when employees are having difficult times adjusting to work situations. Whether they can easily cope with these difficulties or not which depend largely on the seriousness of the matter, their performance ultimately suffers. Worse, struggling employees may be permanently forced to quit their jobs.

When faced with such kind of dilemma, there must be a system that must be put in place that promotes the welfare, work efficiency and stress recovery for the employees. Troubled workers must show signs that they need special attention. But how can you tell that a worker needs help?

According to study, the following are the clearest signs employees suffer red flags in a work area.

  1. Fatigue. When employees are faced with certain issues, it has a great impact on their energy levels. Many of our workers try different jobs just to make both ends meet. There are times that they find peaceful place at the work area to sleep. Once energy levels are affected, it can be an indicator that the employee is troubled.
  1. They are distracted and produce lesser from what is expected. When long standing problems are not given solution, employees suffer decline from being productive. Their focus is divided thus they are distracted. Having this kind of problem has affected their efficiency.
  1. Consistency in leaving early. When people are troubled inside their work area, they have this attitude of being absent frequently. On the lighter side, they always consider leaving work earlier. This is largely due to the fact that their minds are preoccupied with problems they presently encounter elsewhere.
  1. Temper is short. Workers troubled with red flags occasionally have very low temper. They easily become angry and aggressive at times.
  1. Number of unreturned calls pile up and personal phone calls pile up too. There are times that a person’s life is filled with problems and can sometimes be demanding. It has been observed that instead of people returning calls for their company’s transactions, they make more personal calls instead. They think of quickly solving what their personal problems are and do nt find time solving how to increase the company’s profits for every member’s benefits.
  1. They refuse to change outdated systems and policies. On the managerial side, red flags that they face at work include laziness in changing policies and outdated systems that are needed in the ever changing industrial digitization.
  1. Treatment to employees is different. There are troubled supervisors and managers that treat their subordinates unequally. They may be soft to others but can be arrogant and disrespectful to some.
  1. Poor paper management. Managers are people known to rack up files of papers on their table and filing cabinet. Thanks to saving devices such as flash drives and memory discs, anybody can save any files of any size. But there are still those who prefer having their files hard copied. Troubled people find it hard to make correct filing of documentation and they can be disorganized, sloppy and having poor insights to paper management.

All these mentioned trying times at workplace must be addressed accordingly. A stressful employee must be supported because any manifestations of these signs will endanger his job. There must be solidarity and mutual system that will ensure workers to boost his morale for him to work more efficient.