ChatimeThirst is one of the irritating feeling that we have whenever we get to experience it.  Beverages do come to the rescue and we do have tons of options in store.  Tea or cha in Chinese is one of the refreshing beverages that we cherish.  It can be enjoyed both hot and chilly too.  Milk teas have been a fad for quite some time already.  No wonder there are many milk tea shops growing like mushrooms all over the world.  Regardless of the fact that the conventional tea has advanced through time, despite everything it unites individuals and makes talking more fun and pleasant.

Brief Background About Chatime

Henry Wang Yao-Hui presented Chatime in Hsinchu city in Taiwan last 2005, from that moment on tea has evolved and we never looked at tea the same way again.  It has developed to more than 1000 areas within seven years like in Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, China, Dubai, Australia, Singapore, India, Taiwan, Macau, Malaysia, and the Philippines.  Chatime gives tea an alternative flavor since it is overflowing with amazing, inventive, fascinating and hip flavors.  Chatime has built up its tasty tea to more than 1,000 T-Breweries and with more than 400,000 clients around the world, which would generally make pretty much 280,000 liters of tea in a day.

What makes Chatime different?

Chatime implements the idea of preciseness and that is with timing, quality and temperature tea brewing to guarantee the highest quality ingredients are brewed every four hours.  Each tea is prepared right in front of the customer’s eyes.  This makes Chatime consistent in being one of the high quality drinks worldwide.  Nothing beats freshness especially when your tea is made from fresh materials.  Fresh is best, and you don’t get much fresher than a Chatime iced tea!

Chatime gives classy and cognizant followers with different choices of newly prepared tea mixed with various regular flavors. Through actualizing the possibility of “Innovative Tea Making” system, Chatime utilizes straightforward operation ventures to guarantee fantastic beverages for each client.

Chatime’s brand vision:

  • Authentic and healthy
  • Fashion, funky and stylish
  • Localized taste but branded internationally
  • Striving to go green all the time by using recycled and eco-friendly materials

Chatime’s brand advantages:

  • They have a team of competitive international management
  • With a universal franchise system
  • They are known to have global integrated marketing expertise
  • Operational procedure is provided
  • Franchisees are given well designed training program and support
  • With a dedicated research and development team and they have an exclusive food inspection lab
  • With global certification
  • Cloud computing service management

  Chatime Franchise Package Details:

  • Franchise Term: 3 years
  • Franchise Model: Individual
  • Store Space Requirement: 40-60 sqm
  • Minimum Staff number: 4 to 8 depending on the operational needs
  • Headquarter Support: Equipment or Facilities, Training Program, Marketing Support, Uniforms, Store Layout included.
  • Rental fees, operational funds, wages expenses, utilities and other expenses are excluded.
  • Training program which runs up to 15 days is provided:
    • Operational Instruction :6 days
    • Management Strategy: 2 days
    • In-Store Operational Training:6 days
    • Assessment: 1 day

    For more details and inquiries, feel free to reach them through the following contact details:


SM Megamall No.654

107 Bldg A Megamall EDSA Julia Vargas

Brgy Wack Wack, Mandaluyong city

Telephone No.: 654-3531

Taiwan Franchise Hotline: +886-975-896-771

International Franchise Hotline: +886-988-050-818