Sample DTI Certificate

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is about documentation, especially, “What are documents I need and will you apply those for me?”

Most of the time the only needed documents are DTI  registration, baranggay clearance and mayor’s permit, and these will be filed by the franchisee themselves and not by the franchiser.

The steps needed to apply for these permits vary from one municipality or another, but these need a minimal processing fee (around Php800.00 each) and a sedula or a community tax certificate, so be sure to prepare those.

You do not need to register it to BIR just yet. Food kiosks are under micro businesses, which the law permits not to pay income taxes. Just percentage taxes.

When you apply for locations in malls, you might also need a letter of intent, the company profile and kiosk pictures. Now, these will be provided by the franchiser.