Most stay-at-home moms are very smart individuals who gave up their corporate career to tend to their children and take care of the house and their hardworking husbands. Sometimes, though, get bored when the children are on their siesta or at school and the house is already clean, and miss earning money for themselves dearly. If you are such woman who want to earn while staying at home, here are some business ideas you can do to keep yourself busy and to earn money.

1. Dog Sitting Services

Who would have thought you will find business with your neighbor's animals?

Who would have thought you will find business with your neighbor’s animals?

While the children are at school, why not put up an ad in your local community that you are accepting doggies that need tending to while their owners are at work? You can put the lovely animals in your house or yard or you can walk them on the streets. You get entertained, you get paid for looking at cute puppies.

2. Blogging or Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Assistant Services - Business Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

Being a virtual assistant is a job you can do at home.

Using your computer, you can start a blog about the things you care about and put up ads to earn money from people who read your blog. This, of course takes time to develop. A faster way here is to apply as a virtual assistant and be someone who does clerical and administrative jobs for someone abroad. Upwork and Elance offer virtual assistant jobs for people who have the qualified skills.

3. Baking Cakes or Cookies

Munching on these during Christmas is the best gift

Baking cookies and selling them via social media is a nice side job for those who stay at home.

The popularity of Instagram and Facebook opened the opportunity for stay-at-home moms who love to bake to sell their goodies online. All you have to have is the skill to bake and the equipment to take good pictures (a decent camera phone will do!) and some friends who have sampled your stuff. Bake, upload, indicate you are taking orders (research on the price, make it competitive!) and tag your friends who have sampled your baked goods. They will buy or they will tell their friends.

4. Cooking “Lutong Bahay”

Selling Packed Lunch - Business Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

Cooking for an office is a sustainable business for moms who stay at home.

If you have a good cooking skills and a contact on an office, you can sell lunch items via text or phone call. All you have to do is have the office sample your coking, then tell them you are taking orders so they won’t have to eat fast food again. That contact of yours would phone in the office orders and you can send the food tomorrow. Depending on how busy you are, you can deliver the food yourself or ask someone to do it for you.