Why do donuts have holes?

Have you been asked with that kind of question before?

Many of us have asked and been asked with the same tricky question. It’s not important why donuts have holes, let’s rather find out how donuts were introduced to the society and became a well-famous snack in the world. They can be bought from a store, coffee shop, or even your mother can bake donuts for you. Donuts are sweet all the time, if there are bitter or sour donuts, let me know, I’ll try to search that, and grab a dozen. Donuts come in various shapes such as heart, round, ring, flattened spheres, and most of the time, they do have luscious fillings inside. Good for tea and coffee time, or after dinner. There’s a rumor that donuts were first introduced in North America by Dutch early settlers who were responsible for introducing American desserts like pies, pastries and cookies. If you have a sweet tooth, donuts are good for you. Donuts are well-loved by people of all ages and walks of life. It’s been a signature sweet snack of everyone. They are attractive to kids because of their fantastic colors, shapes, and flavors.

Do you wish to put up a donut business?

First and foremost, donuts are cheap and easy to prepare. Donut business is considered to be the second most lucrative food item in the country. Notice that several donut franchise stalls are emerging in the metro. Donut business is an awesome idea because this is not like fast-food or eateries that require too much manpower, the products are very easy to sell to individuals, to coffee shops, and bakeries. Donut franchisees are free to open a satellite location once the business is up and running. This satellite location is sometimes called as ‘cold spot’ where you can deliver the finished products. Let’s say, you are a full store, it is recommended that you build a drive-through for customer’s convenience. Donuts have selling advantage, they don’t go alone, but they always go with special drink and most especially coffees. Coffee and donuts – what a perfect tandem!

Donut franchise can give a person a sense of fulfilment after every baking session. Selling is easy but baking (whatever happens in the commissary kitchen) is a serious thing. Fancy donuts are everywhere, but you have to be in the right franchise company. The two competing giants are Mister Donut and Dunkin Donuts. Krispy Kreme is a high-ended donut shop. Others are also open for franchise in the Philippines: Go Nuts Donuts and Happy Haus Donuts.

Image Credit: Basibaget at Flickr