Client gift ideas to Keep Them HappyYou should always give holiday gifts to your most important clients. Gift giving is a way to make someone happy and a happy client will always recommend your business to everyone they meet.

Gone are the days where you can give mass gifts (like an umbrella) to your clients and call it a Merry Christmas. Those are boring! Needless to say, you should always tailor your gifts to the receiver. Always.

Also, please refrain from giving your clients something with your brand logo. A recent study shows that more than 50% of companies do this, but I personally think giving away items with your brand on it only shows you are hoping for a free advertisement space.

This, however, can get expensive so you should just consider your upper 5% of clients.

Here are five Christmas gifts you should give your client to keep them loyal and happy with your business relationship.

Be sure to personalize your coffee or tea basket.

Be sure to personalize your coffee or tea basket by adding personalized mug or a note of thanks to the gift basket. The extra effort goes a long long way for your business!

1. Coffee or Tea Gift Basket (Or Any Edibles Gift Basket)

If your client loves coffee or tea, then get them a gift basket. People love food and if they are given their favorite edibles, you are sure they will be happy campers. If they do not drink tea or coffee, then chocolate, healthy or vegan gift baskets are always an option.

2. Artisan Cookies

Like the gift suggestion above, food always touches people’s hearts. If you think a gift basket is too large of a gift, then you can always give small bags of delicious artisan cookies they cannot buy just anywhere.

3. Business Books

This signifies you are thinking highly of them. This is especially thoughtful if you work in a bank or other financial institution, because it shows you are really interested in helping your client grow their money.

glass of red wine and bottle

A wine is a really nice gift idea for your client. You should however, research on what kind of wine (or liquor) they prefer in the first place. Nothing is more embarrassing than getting a wine gift returned because they hate that brand.

4. Personalized Pens (Or Any Personalized Items)

A very nice personalized pen is something a person will not buy for himself anytime. If you do not want to give pens, take the time to probe for your clients’ hobbies and give them a personalized thing they can use for their hobby. Examples are personalized cutting board, mouse pad or even a coffee mug!

5. Wine

A nice bottle of wine is a sophisticated gift that shows you want to give a toast to your client’s health. This is especially a good gift to the Chinese.

6. A Gift Card

Yep, that is right. Give them a gift card to their favorite restaurant or spa or even the local mall.

Hat Tip: I browsed my client’s website, Gift Canyon and was inspired to do this post. Cheers, Kit!