Hotdogs belong to the sausage family, and usually served on a bun or stick, with ketchup, mustard, or at times, relish.

Where did the term ‘hotdog’ come from?

In the early 20th century, the consumption of dog meat was very prevalent in Germany. The term ‘dog’ is a synonym used for sausage, and the allegations that sausage makers used dog meat in 1884.

How are hotdogs made?

Commercialized hotdogs are prepared accordingly by mixing raw ingredients such as binder, meats, spices, and fillers. The mixture is put into the tube casings for storage and cooking. The old type of casing was made from the small intestines of sheep. The mixtures that were put in the natural casing (small intestines of sheep) produced tastier and firmer hotdogs.

Hotdogs are prepared and eaten in many delightful ways. They may be fried, boiled, grilled, steamed, or baked. Hotdogs which are sold in the market are precooked; however for sanitary purposes, they must be given further cooking prior to consumption in order to get rid of Listeriosis bacteria. Hotdogs contain low heterocyclic amines (HCA) levels compared to the other types of ready-to-eat meat products because they are manufactured at a low temperature.

How did hotdogs companies come out?

When we talk about hotdogs, the first thing that comes in our mind is the KIDS! Yes, definitely the kids! In fact, hotdog companies have been thriving for years because of the repeat patronage of their primary target market which is the kids and the parents.

Have you asked yourself why do kids love hotdogs?

Kids love hotdogs because of the mouth-watering and attractive color in various sizes. Hotdogs are famous because they are commonly seen in numerous ads, and the most common food item in fast food stores. One more thing, the parents started buying it for their kids from early age that goes on and so forth. Hotdogs are best for kids because they are easy to eat – nothing is wasted.

Adults, aside from kids, do love to eat hotdogs as well. We love to grab a bun or a stick of hotdog from hotdog machines or hotdog vending carts. People’s love for sausages and hotdogs are the good reasons why you should start a hot dog business. Starting a hotdog business can be quite difficult, but a very lucrative way to success. Reputable companies like Tender Juicy, Smokey’s, Ogie Doggie, Swift Mighty Meaty can give you a good start.