Food business is the most lucrative business there is. Why not? Food is always in the minds of people (Filipinos especially) and no one can survive without nourishment. Here are some food business ideas in the Philippines that you should take a look at:

Isaw at Barbecue

Chicken entrails never looked so good.

Chicken entrails never looked so good.

Pork entrails, chicken intestines, chicken liver and the usual meat barbecue. Char-roasted innards have always been a controversial topic among foodies abroad. But here in the Philippines, there is nothing wasted from the whole chicken or pork (well, expect from the hairs and feathers!) and the insides of these animals are the most especial. Making isaw and adidas (chicken feet) rise higher from street food is a nice food business idea.


Food Business 2016 Binatog

Binatog… an old way to eat matured corn.

Mature corn boiled to become very soft and then drained and smothered with salt and sugar and milk. Delicious. The old Pinoy merienda, typically peddled by men riding bicycles and sounded by makeshift bells. Many people in their thirties to fifties have fond memories of binatog. Adding flavors like cheese, barbecue or even odd ones like green tea make the binatog interesting to the younger generation.

Artisan Food Products

Munching on these during Christmas is the best gift

Munching on these during Christmas is the best gift

Food made the traditional way is one of the most sought after foodstuffs by the higher class right now. Old fashioned coffee, kesong puti, vinegar, cookies, chocolate drinks. People will buy these if they are made in the old Pinoy way. These are especially popular during the Christmas seasons, so why not start Christmas 2015?

Candy Buffet

People love having sweets on their events!

People love having sweets on their events!

Got a sweet tooth and a scene of style? Many people who have an event now welcome the addition of a candy buffet for the kids and the kids at heart. All you have to do is buy gorgeous looking candies (many are in Divisoria) and Present them in an appetizing and exciting arrangement during the event. Your creativity is your biggest asset here.

Food Trucks

Food Business 2016 Food Truck

Food trucks: Meals on Wheels!

Food trucks were mainly ushered in by food cart franchises here in the Philippines. The popularity of food-on-the-go and the food bazaars combined makes for a really exciting treat both for consumers and businessmen. Food trucks events are found at Metro Manila Food Truck Association, you might want to check that out.