Do you know that the Filipino people consumes more chicken meat than any other meat? For every bacon that the United States of America is producing and consuming, we match this by eating fried chicken. There is really no saying how the country produce such a culture, but since it is this way, many companies have taken advantage and have done every gimmicks possible in order to maximize the thriving market with high demand for chicken-based food. This is how Jollibee have risen to become the Philippines’ number one fast food chain, because the Filipinos love the chicken-joy so much and how much the gravy taste so perfectly with that chicken leg, but we would skip franchising Jollibee and focus more on those that has chicken as the number one product.

Mang Inasal

A famous company is a good advantage in the business world, because the people’s speculations can make or break a company, thus all of the amazing press that pertains to Jollibee Food Corp. have done wonders for all of their subsidiaries as well. Ever since they acquired Mang Inasal, the growth and expansion has seen an increase and Mang Inasal have earned its household entry and a place in the peoples’ hearts because of its delicious roasted chicken, other Filipino cuisine, and of course, the offering of the unlimited rice!

Franchise Information

The estimated investment cost needed for a branch of Mang Inasal is about ₱12-14 Million, 5% of gross sales royalty fee, and as well as 2% of sales for the advertisement fees.

  • Operational System
  • Marketing & Promotional Support
  • Initial Hiring & Selection, Extensive training of Store Team
  • Construction of the Store
  • Equipment and Facilities
  • Furniture and Fixtures
  • Pre-Operating Expenses

Contact Details

Main Office: 724-1111

Monday to Friday: 8am-6pm

Address: Pioneer Highlands North Condominium, Pioneer Avenue corner Madison St., Mandaluyong City 1550, Philippines

Website: http://www.manginasal.com/

Andok’s Litson Manok

In over twenty five years of successful operations across the country, they have already achieved great expansion and growth. Andok’s is also projected to have potential to grow especially with growing Filipino population, thus, raising the demand of the beloved andok’s chicken. The metro manila commissary of the company has also received a “AA” award Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliance, and the Iloilo commissary has been nominated for “AAA” standard for GMP. This only shows how much they value their client’s health more than anything.

Franchise Information

Andok’s is offering two franchise types: take-out and dine-in store. Both of which are offering the same amazingly good and affordable Filipino roast chicken and other Filipino cuisine. They would also provide the equipment and training needed to help you get started and so that you would not feel lost during your first few days or weeks.

The franchise fee for an Andok’s dine-in store is about P500,000 and about P300,000 for the take-out store. You might also need to take care of other investment cost such as construction of the store, interior designing, furnishings and intial working capital. Thus, you would need about P800,000 to P1M for the total investment cost.

Contact Details

ACE Building

No. 25 Bulacan Street, Barangay Bungad

West Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines

Tel: +63 (2) 372-4033 loc 114

Fax: +63 (2) 376-7092

Email: franchise@andokscorp.com

Baliwag Lechon Manok

Just like they say, just by the smell of Baliwag’s chicken, it seems as if you have already eaten. Yes, it is that edible. As for the taste? It is heaven! The company started from humbles beginnings, but they have come this far from sheer perseverance and determined will, after 25 years, it has become a household name and an iconic brand for lechon manok and other chicken-based products.

Franchise Information

The start-up fee is about P 250,000.00 to P750,000.00 and the size requirement also varies for each package that you would avail, but the following inclusions would be given to you:

  • Equipment and technological installations
  • furniture and fixtures installations
  • signage and posters
  • finance-related (cashier register) supply
  • licenses, permits, registration fees, insurance are all taken care of
  • trainee allowances are provided
  • employees uniform
  • initial inventory of stocks
  • advance rental of the location
  • security deposit-lessor/mall
  • security deposit-franchisor – varies depending on size and location of the franchised outlet

Contact Details

Website: www.baliwaglechonmanok.com

Email : inquiry@baliwaglechonmanok.com

Phone Nos. : (02)654-2929, (02)654-9001, (02)654-9002

Address: Head Office, # 1 Mercedez Avenue, Pasig City, Philippines

It’s All About Chix

All About Chix Food Cart Franchise is one of the franchising concepts that is offered by the C8 Best Franchising Corporation and aims to bring financial success to the Filipino people and make an entrepreneur out of you.  The company also offers other business for budding Filipino entrepreneurs and the simplicity of this chicken business they have ensures that you would earn money while also being stress-free.

Franchise Information

There are two types of franchise package that you can avail and you can visit their website for the information about each, but for the franchise and investment cost, there are no publicly disclosed amount, since it is negotiable. Therefore, you have to contact the company for the capital needed to franchise, but the following inclusions would be given to you:

  • Trademark use
  • Technology installation
  • Get into the business system
  • Advertisement support
  • Staff training
  • Research and Development
  • Week-long assistance
  • Free Cart Delivery within Metro Manila
  • Free Selected Equipment
  • Free Cooking Utensils
  • Free Initial Stocks
  • Free Uniform of Crew / Personnel
  • Given operations manual

Contact Details

Website: www.c8bestfoodcart.com

Email: info@c8bestfoodcart.com

Telephone Nos.: (02)439-4018, (02)438-4017, (02)921-6984

Mobile Nos.: 0999-525-2606, 0933-487-2678, 0927-754-4399

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/c8bestfoodcart

Address: 3rd floor, Hansel Arcade Bldg., #1 Imperial St. Cor. Aurora Blvd., Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines

Ang Lechon ni Sr. Pedro

Ang Lechon Manok ni Sr. Pedro was a product of Anakciano Inc. and offers a sweet-tasting and aromatic while also tenderly cooked lechon manok and continues to capture the Filipino taste buds completely. You are also assured of the natural and homegrown chicken due to the farms owned by the company behind Ang Lechon ni Sr. Pedro, thus, it strengthens the business and enables them to lower the price. Pedro Anakciano has started his chicken business in 1992 with his brother who is a skilled cook. Both of them did not expect such success and now they have more than 300 branches scattered nationwide and bringing lovingly-made roasted chicken to the Filipino masses.

Franchise Information

Currently, most of the branches are company-owned, but the owners are open for negotiations regarding the franchising especially if you are bringing it outside of Metro Manila. Contact them in order to know the terms that they would present for the franchise.

Contact Details


3708 Las Piedras St., Kauswagan

Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental,

Philippines, 9000

Mobile : (+63916)345-9265