Every little blog or website starts at something. This is no exception. After a year of doing internet marketing, I still experience a hard time introducing a new endeavor. But I will try.

I started being an agent in the franchising industry a year ago and funnily enough, I was also searching for other was of generating income as salary was “dry”. Never knew that this will beĀ  the start of my entrepreneurship journey.

After getting a few trainings here and there, I realized that I won’t be able to get my dreams in the corporate world. So, I kissed the coat-and-tie day job goodbye and stormed into entrepreneurship. After a few months I was handling a few small business here and there, along with an internet marketing business, the franchising brokerage, and a mini bookkeeping firm, hoping each will grow into big businesses and will help me accumulate the very popular and oh-so-coveted passive income.

I’ve become an expert in the franchising biz myself, and, seeing that many people are still in the dark with food cart franchising businesses here in the Philippines, I’ve created this blog for the purpose of informing people about doing business here in the Philippines, especially franchising.

Hope you find this blog useful. Till then, cheers!

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